Monday, April 4, 2011

Next to 16.

Stalag 17.

William Holden is a POW during WW2 and is trying to make a living. Cigarettes and booze are the profit in the POW camp and he is really doing well. So well in fact that some are suspecting that he is working with the Germans. Someone obviously is, since an escape attempt was foiled and the POWs loose their radio and other items that they need.

Someone is snitching on them and Holden is the prime suspect. He insists he’s just trying to better his circumstances, but he realises that his life may be in danger if he doesn’t find the snitch.

The premise of this movie is wicked and all the cast do a great job, especially Holden, who won the Oscar for this one, and I was never able to guess who the snitch was. I wont reveal it here, in case you didn’t see the movie, but I didn’t guess it. Even if you do, it doesn’t matter, because this film is one great movie!

It may be a bit long for the payoff, but that’s only a minor point, this is another classic from Billy Wilder, who’s filmography is almost a “best of” for the golden age of Hollywood.



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