Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monster Movie Mondays Continues with -

Gamera VS Gyaos.

This is the third movie and by now Gamera is a hero. Kids love him (he saves one in this movie) and the people depend on him for help.
As far as the fighting goes, this is the best one. The story here is pretty lame and typical of these monster flix. It wasn’t as good as the story of Barugon, but the fights make up for it.

The battles in this are wicked and if you are looking for a fun time this is it! So far this is the best one of the series – I know I said the story wasn’t as good, but the story of part 2 isnt so great either, just good for a monster movie is all. But this has some great battles.

Gyaos is great – he can shoot lasers from his mouth and actually really injures Gamera!

Of course the military comes up with some plans, that don’t work, but hey they are getting creative with these plans! They want to lure Gyaos to this spinning building so that he will get dizzy and fall down. They lure him with fake human blood – they were able to replicate the smell of it, and when he gets to the blood the platform will spin causing him to get dizzy and fall. Then they will keep him down until the sun comes out, cause like a vampire, he dies in sunlight.

It doesn’t work – big shocker there, and then Gamera has to TCB.

Another great Gamera!



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