Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monster Movie Mondays - yes I am still doing it.

Gamera VS Guiron.

So in the last movie aliens came down to Earth and used Gamera to attack Tokyo – reusing the footage from part one and of course using other stock footage to help the aliens “learn” about Gamera. They wouldn’t pull that again would they? HELL YEAH they would!

The use of old footage isn’t as much as the last movie, but its still there and I still love it!

On to the plot -

So basically 2 kids (one white, Tom and one Japanese Akio) get locked in a spaceship and are taken back to another planet and when Akio’s sister tells their parents what happened, they don’t believe her. I mean who would believe a little girl who says her brother was taken in a spaceship. I mean aliens aren’t real and her parents tell her that aliens aren’t real, so come on. Wait a second?

Read my first paragraph again – THE LAST MOVIE HAD ALIENS COME DOWN TO EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where were her parents then? It’s not like this movie ignores the last – they show footage from the last one. So the mother doesn’t believe her child about aliens, when she bloody well knows that aliens attacked like a year ago!

That being said, this movie is GREAT MAN! Maybe the best! Gamera fights Guiron on an alien planet! And there’s these 2 alien chicks that are wearing capes and tights – what the hell is going on?

Oh and their plan is to EAT THE BRAINS of the 2 boys! Oh, and there is a SPACE GYAOS – same as regular Gyaos, only silver and he fights Guiron first.

Guiron is a sword face guy – see the poster – and he chops Gyaos’ head off and then his wings and then he chops him into bits with purple blood flying around! What a GREAT MOVIE! The gore was pretty good for a kids movie!!!!!!!

Anyway, Gamera soars again in this fantastic adventure!



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  1. Guiron Wins! Fatality!

    Just in case you didn't know, the new Mortal Kombat's out for PS3 and X360! Go get it! Kung Lao Forever! Too bad I wouldn't be able to go against you, me being a PS3 user, and you an X360 user. There will be a time when we will battle again!