Monday, April 4, 2011

This aint no Annie.


What do you get when you have a really creepy kid in a horror movie – well you get Orphan. A movie about a creep little girl, who I actually find very cute, who is involved in several accidents or coincidences that lead to the death of several people. Her family died in Russia and her adopted family also died by fire, so now she is adopted by a new couple. The couple already have 2 kids, a boy and a girl (who is deaf), but they still wanted to adopt a third child to make up for a miscarriage the mother had earlier.

I missed this in theatres, even though I really wanted to see it – I just had a feeling it was good and I was right! The reason I didn’t see it in theatres was that it looked like a possession movie. I hate when kids and ghosts mix and I am never scared. I wasn’t scared by this movie either, but I was interested in it and excited by the fact that there wasn’t any spirits in it.

I wont give away what happens, or whether Esther (the girl in question) is bad or good, but I will say it’s a hell of a fun time finding out.

I loved this movie! This is a blu-ray purchase for me, and I bought it!

BTW Esther should have won an award – she was like 11-12 years old at the time and this was a really tough role for a kid that age and she pulled it off wonderfully!



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