Monday, April 25, 2011

Flash - ah ah!

Flash Gordon.

I like serials. The big 10-15 chapters, totalling like 3-5 hours of good old fashioned action! Captain Marvel is my favourite serial, and considered one of the best. Flash Gordon is in that category, and rightfully so.

Everyone who reads this, knows I love Flash Gordon. I have all the Alex Raymond comic strips (reprinted of course), I have Defenders of the Earth (both toys and cartoon), I even own Flesh Gordon on DVD! So I am a big time Flash Gordon guy, so I am a bit biased, but I really liked this serial!

A big positive is that the costumes and story are heavily influenced by the Raymond comic. I mean it’s pretty much a straight adaptation, which I always love. Now I haven’t finished reading all the comic strips, so I don’t know if the ending is the same, but the start certainly is! And Flash’s costume is totally accurate!

The negative point is on Ming. See in serials the good guys don’t usually die – well in Captain Marvel people die, but in Flash, there are so many unique characters that cannot be killed. Flash, Dale, Zarkov, Vultan, Barin, Aura and Thun wont die. I mean it’s obvious they wont, so what ends up happening is that Ming comes off as non-threatening. It’s not anybodies fault, the actor who played Ming was GREAT!!! He was spot on, and the look of Ming was perfect too. But he just isn’t very dangerous at all. In the 80s flick he was pretty badass and even made people commit suicide in his name!

In any case, if you like serials I say get this one!



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