Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Barbera just...


Eric Bana trains Hanna to be pumped up and she then has to TCB. That the basic plot of this very very basic movie.

Think of watching Harry Potter, then the big reveal at the end was that Harry Potter knew magic. DUH – I thought that was obvious.

Hanna (the character) is odd, she can speak every language, she can beat up adults (she’s 16), she can use weapons of all kinds etc – she is better than Rambo, and the government wants her dead, so she has obviously been altered or something, experimented on etc. The big reveal at the end was that she was experimented on. Uhm – yeah I figured that.

This isn’t even me “Mr Movie Guy” figuring it out, anyone would. Another example, in the movie Aliens they learn that a whole colony of people have been killed – then the big reveal – they have been killed by the Aliens! OH NO! – HELLO – the movie is called Aliens!!!! That’s kind of the feel you get at the end of this picture. I was also able to call the entire last 10 minutes shot for shot! – that’s a Mr Movie Guy skill.

Anyway, that aside, Hanna was well made basic movie. If you have never seen anything like this – cant imagine you not having seen one of these, then this is 5/5. The acting is great and Hanna herself is so wicked that she saves this movie! Bana and Blanchette are also wicked and I LOVED THE MUSIC!!! I got the soundtrack right after watching the movie. The Chemical Brothers did the music and they rock (I also got THE SAINT soundtrack which they did).

All in all, Hanna was an enjoyable movie and the director showed he had some style and the characters were all very well done.

My only negatives are – basic plot – someone was praising this and bashing Sucker Punch (which doesn’t make sense since SP is WAY WAY more original) and there were parts that dragged on a bit – like the family trip stuff – Hanna teams up with this travelling family that includes an annoying teenage girl, which was ok until it crossed the 20 minute mark. Up till that point Hanna was really exciting – the chase then abruptly ends with this whole “her trying to fit in part” which I like, but not for that length of time.
Plus the movie in general was too long for the simple payoff. But I still liked Hanna and I think it was a fun movie.

Don’t let me negative comments fool you, I am only letting you know that this movie isn’t the greatest ever or anything original, but I would still say go see it and support a NON-REMAKE for once!

Keep your eye on Saoirse Ronan (she was in Atonement – good movie) she will be going places!



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  1. You should put up a glossary of your acronyms, dude. :)

    Hey, I'd go see something that's original. I'm pretty jaded by today's Hollywood, where movies are either a remakes, based off a true story, or based on a literary work. Can we get something original for a change?