Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The only man who can solve the worlds problems is a…

Hobo With a Shotgun.

Rutger Hauer stars in this Troma movie with a budget. Now it’s not actually a Troma movie, but it may as well be. Troma – is a studio in New Jersey that makes schlock horror movies that are truly sick. Killing kids is not frowned upon in Tromaville, so you have to know what you are getting into.
This movie was rated R – not since 2005 (confirmed by the ticket taker at the theatre – I asked him) has a film been rated R. R means NO ONE under 18 AT ALL. You may think, hey, wasn’t Hostel, or Grindhouse rated R – nope, they were 18A – which means if you are under 18 you can go with an adult (someone who is 18 or older), but this baby was R!

After seeing it I can tell you it’s definitely worth the R rating. This is the sickest, goriest film I have ever seen in the theatre – not counting Troma movies that are usually straight to video. I mean Citizen Toxie, or the first Toxic Avenger are just as bad, or worse, than this movie, in terms of violence.

The plot is that Rutger shows up in town and within 5 mins of arriving sees a man decapitated in broad daylight while the villains girlfriend bathes in the blood of the severed head. Nice. No one helps this guy and Hobo (Rutger) tries to ignore it and move on. Then he sees other nasty stuff and just cant take it anymore. He gets a shotgun and decides to kill off these bad people – oh yeah, the cops are all pretty much bad too! So the entire film is Hobo killing these awful people.

So basically I loved this movie. Rutger plays it straight! He is a homeless guy who becomes a vigilante and really destroys villains. Now these villains are really nasty. I mean in once scene a school bus full of kids gets torched by the main villain while they play “Disco Inferno” on their stereos. There’s a child molesting Santa, and a guy who films bum-fights. There are all sorts of despicable people that really get wasted in the worse ways in this film. So if you wanna see really bad people get killed in blood-splattering ways, then this is the movie to see.

I also really liked Rutger’s performance. He was actually really good and I really liked his character. The hooker in the movie, who Hobo saves, was really cool too. The good people in this movie were just as good as the bad were bad. Really well done and I’m glad that this first time film maker actually made a good movie and not like Blair Witch – which was a bunch of crap.

Congrats to Jason Eisner for this epic masterpiece of gore and violence!

I love the end credits too – they play “Run with Us” the theme from the cartoon show “The Raccoons!”

Go see this bad boy!



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