Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monster Movie Mondays - duh!

Gamera VS Viras.

This is either the best of the 4, or the worst of the 4. The 4th Gamera film concerns aliens (yes, they finally brought in the aliens) who want to attack Earth, only to be stopped by Gamera. They decide to send a second ship and this time, they target Gamera – this all happens in first 5 minutes!!!!!!!!

So basically the aliens are attacking, this always happens in Kaiju movies, but this time the aliens decide to trap Gamera and study his memory – which we then see is a recap of all the fights of the films up till that point. So basically 20 minutes of this 80 minute movie is footage from previous Gamera movies.

So if you don’t own any of them, then this is the movie to buy, cause you get all the highlights. What’s really bad though, is when the aliens control Gamera and force him to attack Japan and they use the footage from the first film. Big deal right. I mean they used footage from the other movies already, so why not use stuff from part one – well – part one was in black and white! So all of a sudden this film turns black and white! And what’s really great is that they cut back and forth between the aliens control center (in colour) to Gamera attacking Japan (black and white footage from part one).


Love it!

Viras is the name of the planet the aliens are from – so it’s Gamera VS a PLANET! The monster in this is basically an alien octopus and of course there are some cute kids thrown in too – oh and this is the first appearance of the Gamera theme song!

Woo hoo.



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