Monday, April 11, 2011

Give me some tots!

Napoleon Dynamite.

I missed the first 10 or mins of this movie, but I watched the rest. Now I saw it on tv so I’m not sure if I missed stuff, but I thought this was a really funny movie.

I cried laughing a multiple parts. I have never seen such a no reason movie where everything that happens is completely nonsensical in every way. I loved the complete and utter lack of story – it’s just Napoleon doing stuff – some of it has a reason, some of it doesn’t, but it’s ALL FUNNY!

Laugh out loud moments include: His uncle’s terrible video of himself throwing a football, to which Napoleon simply says “this is the worst video ever.” And it is! I know this doesn’t seem funny now, but when you see it, it really is hilarious.

I see why this is a cult movie – I think average moviegoers wont get Napoleon’s character, but I did and loved it. This was defiantly a winner for me, and I am VERY VERY Touch on comedies – those who know me, know that comedies are not my thing – unless its really off the wall funny like this (or Big Lebowski).



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  1. Welcome to the 21st century, Jason! :)

    I think you've experienced the charm behind Jared Hess' work. While the story could mean anything and nothing, the little comical details are what I believe shines in his works. I'm a HUGE fan of his next work, Nacho Libre, mostly because of the random acts of comedy.