Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday - you know it!

Gamera VS Jiger.

So this one has no re-used footage from other films and the dvd transfer is pretty clean, even my wife was surprised.

This is so wicked! Ok, so aliens have been done twice now so its back to the old classic story of a monster hidden underground. There is this statue called the Devil’s Whistle and when its uprooted it awakens Jiger.

You see Jiger cant stand low frequency sounds, and the statue produces sounds and was keeping him buried, so when it was removed, he awoke. Gamera tried to warn the humans, but they didn’t listen! He doesn’t speak, but he tries to stop them from taking the statue. Anyway, when Jiger comes out its pretty beats!!!!!!!!

This one has a lot of fighting and Gamera gets flipped over on his back. He is a turtle remember, but no big deal, Gamera can fly. The only trouble is, that in order to fly he must retract his legs (and/or his arms – depends how fast he wants to go) and then his fire repulsion blasts come out of his legs (or arms and legs, producing a spinning-flying effect), but Jiger, that clever bastard, has shot spikes into his arms and legs so that when he tries to retract them, they get stuck on his shell!

So Gamera has to find a clever way to remove the spikes so he can fly. He is basically trapped on his back with spikes in his arms and legs! Meanwhile, Jiger takes care of some business, mainly getting the statue and trying to destroy it.

Gamera escapes – duh, and fights Jiger, only Jiger defeats him again and lays an egg inside Gamera that hatches a baby Jiger.

So these 2 kids (I think they are the same characters from the previous films) take a small submarine and go INSIDE Gamera to stop the “infection” that is actually a baby Jiger!

I think I’m done.

If this doesn’t convince you to buy this, then you are hopeless!



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