Friday, April 29, 2011

The future Stab 8.

Scream 4.

Within the world of the movie Scream, there is a film series that the teens watch, called Stab. Stab 1 is really Scream 1, and Stab 2 and 3 are Scream 2 and 3, but Scream 4 came out way after Scream 3 (something like 10 years – to lazy to look it up) so during that time, the Stab series continued on to part 7. We start Scream 4 with a movie in a movie in a movie with Stab 6 and 7. The beginning of Stab 7 is the beginning of Stab 6, and Scream 4 shows both Stab 6 and 7 – confusing? Not if you’re in touch with horror movies and the Scream series in general.

But if you don’t get what I am talking about then you wont get Scream 4. Scream 4 is actually brilliant if you are a movie guy, and it’s even better if you are a horror movie guy. Everything in Scream 4 is an in-joke. You cannot check your brain at the door for this one, but if you don’t know movies, you will probably not get anything that happens in it and think it’s stupid.

In terms of the movie itself – its still very fun to watch and it’s a bit better than part 3, but when the killer is revealed its pretty lame. Scream 2’s killer was lame, but this was really really bad! Taking it down a star for me, but it’s a must buy if you love the others.

What’s your favourite scary movie? Well Stab 5 of course. (that was an in joke)



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