Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turtle Power.

Turtles Forever.

I have always loved the turtles but I was never a fan of the original comic – that’s cause I didn’t know about it till way later – it was basically self published kind of thing and pretty underground and gritty. I learned about TMNT when the original cartoon came out, with campy Shredder and Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady etc. I loved that cartoon and got all the toys.

Then the movie came out and I LOVED IT! It was one of my first vhs movies and along with Batman and Conan, I have seen it more than any other movie. I have even almost memorized it! The movie was more like the comic, but kept the multi-coloured headbands (in the original comic they were all red) to cash in the cartoon craze.

After a few so-so sequels we got the “TMNT” CGI film, which I also loved and after that a new cartoon with a more serious edge to it. So basically TMNT as a franchise has gone through several incarnations. And of course all of this wouldn’t be possible without the original red-headbanded, ORIGINAL black and white comics. I’m sure glad those old comics did well enough to spawn a toy-line and cartoon, thus creating this franchise.

But what if they didn’t? What if the comic never was? Whether you like TMNT or not, they are big and you have to admit that it is a very profitable series.

Well after the CGI film, the new edgier cartoon came to a grand finale with the 75 TV-Movie.

In this new finale film, titled TURTLES FOREVER, we have the original cartoon turtles (those wacky funny ones, played for comic relief – complete with their initials on their belts and colour coded headbands) finding their way into the dimension of the current edgier turtles.

The concept here is that all incarnations of the Turtles caused other dimensions to open up where each concept ran its course. So in this film all those dimensions are opening. Think of Crisis on Infinite Earths meets the TMNT!

So the old Shredder and Krang are up against the modern Shredder – who is pretty bad ass, and the original jokey turtles meet the new ones! When the modern Shredder finds out about the dimensions, he figures that killing the Turtles Prime (meaning the black and white gritty turtles) would mean killing all the turtles.

This is BRILLIANT and this film was a fantastic way to end off the series and I STRONGLY recommend you get this. If you are a fan of ANY of the turtle incarnations, then this is the film for you!



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