Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin (my belated review)

It’s been 4 days since I saw The Adventures of Tintin (a.k.a. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn as it's known overseas), and I’m still thinking about it. What’s more, I have an urge to see it again. Movies nowadays don’t do that to me anymore. So, what’s Tintin have that other movies don’t have? Well, for starters, this is the best animation you will ever see to date. It strikes me that this is what audiences and filmmakers expected out of computer animation all along: creating photorealistic landscapes and people, anyway you want them to look. The challenge of creating “people” versions of the comic-strip characters of Tintin means that some characters look kind of strange in photorealistic light. But Tintin himself is uncanny. I often wondered what Tintin would look like as a real person when I used to read the comics, and this is it! This is Tintin! And all of the locations are beautifully realized and breathtaking to look at. The deserts, the cities, even the ocean – you just want to stare at the locales for a little longer than the movie lets you, and that’s a good thing.

Beyond the fantastic visuals, the characters are what I remember from the comics, but done in a way so that they’re a little less goofy. Tintin is always running into nut-cases, but they’re realized a little less cartoonishly than they are in the comics. They’re all there, though: Cpt. Haddock, Thomson and Thomson, Aristides Silk, Omar Ben Salaad, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine – no Dr. Calculus unfortunately, that I noticed anyway. Tintin himself is a cool character that you want to follow on these adventures, always earnest and caring, yet brave. Capt. Haddock’s drinking problem is in full-swing here, and I applaud Spielberg for diving head-first into it even though it isn’t very politically correct nowadays.

The adventures and action scenes are amazing, with Tintin dodging bullets, fist fighting guards, manning vehicles, etc. This was to be Spielberg’s return to the serial-inspired action movie (for which he gained fame with Raiders) and it’s a heck of a lot better than Crystal Skull.

I’m still stunned that Hollywood finally got off their butt and made a big-budget Tintin movie. And with Hollywood’s current elite, no less – directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Spielberg and Peter Jackson, music score by John Williams, and with cutting edge animation that really has to be seen to be believed. Rumors of a Spielberg Tintin movie stretch back to 1984, when Spielberg bought the rights, and the wait was well worth it. I read Tintin as a kid, as all the comic albums were in my public school library. I loved the fact that each issue was one self-contained epic adventure. Tintin would be in London in one scene, then in Cairo the next, then kidnapped by henchmen, then infiltrate an underwater base – it was like I was reading an adventure movie that could go toe-to-toe with the James Bond and Indiana Jones franchises. I thought, “wow, if a movie version was only half this good, it would still be great”. Over the years, I caught glimpses of other screen versions of the character. There was the live-action Tintin and the Blue Oranges, which was cool for the fact the all of the characters actually looked like their comic counterparts – like they leapt off the page and came to life. There was the 60’s cartoon, as well, followed by two animated movies: Tintin and the Temple of the Sun (1969) and Tintin and The Lake of Sharks (1972). All of these were in other languages when I was a kid and I could never find English ones (there are now english versions online, which seem to have either cropped up or become more available with the release of this new movie). Then came the Nelvana version in the 90's which was pretty cool because they adapted the books directly. But the pacing was slow, and they never punched up the action. This new movie captures Tintin's spirit of action and adventure the best.

I hope there are sequels. This movie ends off the way the original Secret of the Unicorn comic did, but that lead to Red Rackam’s Treasure. There are still a whole slew of comic stories and crazy characters to adapt and I would love to see more. To date, The Adventures of Tintin has only made 72 million dollars domestically where most viewers don’t even know the character, but overseas where he’s well known the movie has made 286 million. Hopefully that’ll be enough to convince everyone to go ahead with part 2. As for part 1, you are not doing yourself a favour by not watching this film on the big screen. It’s a fun movie-night, a great evening out and spectacle all wrapped up in the best possible package that you will remember for a long time.


Oh, the 3D is kinda useless. You can watch it 2D or 3D.
And as for Spielberg, this almost makes up for his produced Transformers movies – almost.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Song of the Week -- Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

Released on their 1977 album Sepctres, Blue Oyster Cult’s Godzilla song was an FM radio hit and is today one of their best known tracks. It was glaringly omitted from the soundtrack to the 1998 American movie (they opted for a cover to Led Zepplin’s Kashmir, rather than obviously covering a song called Godzilla!). It was memorably used in TNT’s Monster Bash promos for their Godzilla marathons in the 90s. It’s probably the best tribute rock song to a fictional character and really captures the destructive feel of the big lizard.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wrapping up 2011

I know, I know.  2011 is done, it was done 25 days ago.  Well, I'm getting older, I'm not as fast as I used to be, you'll have to pardon my geriatric ways, but I just finished watching the last film I would include in contention for the prestige of being in my top 10 list for last year.  So, for those of you interested (or just plain bored), here is my top 10 list of movies I saw released in 2011.

#10 - In Time - for changing my mind about Justin Timberlake's acting skills
#9 - Hugo - for showing you can still love movies and not be sappy about it
#8 - Rise of the Planet of the Apes - for making a "remake" and honoring the original instead of crapping on it
#7 - Season of the Witch - for great atmosphere and suspense and a completely dry ending
#6 - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - for memorable action scenes and for making the Mission Impossible team actually mean something again
#5 - The Adventures of Tintin - for being a good old fashioned adventure flick with the best animation, period
#4 - Real Steel - for being Rocky with robots
#3 - Captain America: The First Adventure - for being probably the best Marvel movie ever made and for showing how awesome the Captain America character is supposed to be
#2 - Hobo with a Shotgun - for being gory, gruesome, over-the-top and completely unapologetic about it...oh yeah, and for Rutger Hauer playing the entire thing straight
#1 - Sucker Punch - for its creativity, imagination and for being ignored by too many and applauded by too few

So, that was the best 2011 had to offer, in my humble, green opinion.  Here's hoping 2012 brings more of the same!

- Stephenstein

If adventure has a name, it must be ... Tin Tin!

The Adventures of Tin Tin.

No clunky back story, no history of characters, just plain adventure and excitement. This movie starts out right away with a mystery, no stupid Tin Tin origin. He is a journalist who loves adventure. DONE. This movie gets on with it!

So basically this is an edge of your seat adventure that hardly takes the time to breath. It starts fast and continues at that pace for the entire film! Tin Tin as a character ROCKS! Usually in these films I end up liking one of the side characters or something, but nope, Tin Tin is the man in this film! And his dog is good too! I usually hate animals in movies, but this time around, he was wicked!

I strongly suggest this movie, and I will be buying it large on bluray first day! The 3D was ok too, but again, not needed and a waste of money, but the movie was so good I forgot about how annoyed I was at having to pay for 3D.

The animation is crazy and the story is awesome, this is one animated feature that can beat Pixar for once. It only took Peter Jackson and Stephen Spielberg to do it!



Monday, January 23, 2012

The galaxy has seen better!


So I love Starcrash, Battle Beyond the Stars, Saturn 3 and basically any cheesy scifi flick, and this one surly qualifies. It has a space babe, Galaxina, who is a robot with feelings, though that isn’t really explored much beyond her having the hots for one of the human commanders of the space ship infinity (hey, it’s the dad from Monster Squad!). It also has a lot of cheesy aliens, complete with Halloween store masks – all used up in the stolen Creature Cantina scene from Star Wars (man, EVERYONE copied that scene). But it also has a lot of bad dialogue and failed jokes.

This movie isn’t one of those so bad it’s good movies (I actually don’t believe in that theory, if it’s good, it’s good!), but this is so bad, it’s bad! Nothing much happens, and Galaxina hardly does anything. She is cool for sure, but I mean she isn’t needed in the movie.

I don’t know, maybe it’s not so bad. I mean it has a lot of bad puns, like Mr. Spot – who is a Mr. Spock copy with upside down pointy ears and the trek symbol, and it has a really bad Alien rip off scene where an alien comes out of the guy’s mouth, not chest, as that would require a budget!

I don’t know, I guess the movie is an acquired taste, that as you watch it, you kind of acquire, but it’s nothing compared to Ice Pirates, Krull, or any of the other flicks I mentioned. It just doesn’t have that fun factor. Just the other day I had some of my buddies over (the other 2 bloggers here and 2 others) and we watched the 2 Lou Ferrigno Hercules movies, Starcrash and Jason and the Argonauts, and we had a blast!

Sure Hercules is cheesy with a low budget, but it was fun! It was ambitious! It had some neat fights and they tried. It was a fun watch. We had a blast, but Galaxina is just kind of lame in comparison!

This is for hardcore cheesy sci-fi fans only.

So of course I bought it on DVD!



Friday, January 20, 2012

Fantastic Four: The Radio Show (1975)


Back in 1975, Marvel was continuing to venture out in other media, having already launched cartoon shows of their popular characters and releasing licensed toys, etc. One such venture was the Fantastic Four radio show, premiering in 1975 and syndicated across the continent. Radio shows were still around in various forms through the 70’s into the 80’s (the original Star Wars trilogy was famously made into radio plays when the movies were released). the Fantactic Four radio shows were adaptations of the early Lee/Kirby run, with scripts lifted almost verbatim from the comics, featuring The Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, Ant Man, Namor, Fury, Hulk, Mole Man, even Super Skrull and with Stan Lee narrating scenes. Most notable is the appearance of Bill Murray, before he became a star, as Johnny Storm. You can check out all 10 episodes at the link provided up top. Great listening at work!


Random Song of the week: My Name Is Nobody theme -- Ennio Morricone

The theme from the 1973 spaghetti western My Name Is Nobody. I love this song -- it's so ridiculously sappy, happy and cheesy. It's a departure from the more serious "bad-ass" themes Morricone did for the man with no name trilogy. If you haven't seen My Name is Nobody, go check it out. Terence Hill, then a global star for his work in the Trinity series of films, starred as "Nobody" who idolizes an old gunslinger and wants to see him go out like a proper gun-fighter, in a blaze of glory. Actually, if you haven't seen the Trinity movies, you should watch those too. Funny, action-packed stuff.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Song of the Week: Leonard Nimoy sings The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Deceptisean here. I'd like to start a new segment on Fantom Zone celebrating the more unusual, often overlooked, head-scratch inducing, but nonetheless awesome songs out there. One such song is this ditty sung by Leonard Nimoy for his 60's album (his second album) called Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy.

Back in the 60's, J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit was a huge cultural phenomena exploding its way into teen culture ("Frodo Lives" or "Bilbo Lives" was often spray-painted on University walls symbolizing pacifists who get pushed out of their comfort zone, forced to step out into the world and deal with its harsh realities). Nimoy and his song writing partners capitalized on this craze with this song as a single. The version seen here is a sketch from the short-lived 60's variety series Malibu U. It now makes its rounds online as a "music video".

I guess it's too much to ask for a remix of this for the upcoming Hobbit movie. Maybe by, oh I dunno, Akon or someone.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why haven't you seen ...

A new segment here where I talk about movies that are really cool that you may not have heard of!

There are thousands of them I’m sure, but I am only going to do a couple a week, or whenever I feel the urge.


So Robin Tunney is a 70s and 80s music lover who is heading home after a few drinks. She is then forced into her car by a stalker and in the struggle the car hits a police officer killing him. The stalker escapes while Robin gets the blame for it. She is innocent, but ends up being put under house arrest, complete with an electronic ankle bracelet. No one believes her and she has to prove her innocence by finding the stalker while being stuck in her home.

This is a really cool concept - trying to prove you’re innocent but never leaving your home. Of course a lot more happens, and it may get a bit sobby for some, but give this one a chance I think you’ll really like it.

I saw it in the theatre on a whim and was totally blown away with how cool it was. There is also a minor romance in it that I find totally believable and actually really nice.

Good movie!

Why haven't you seen ...

A creepy little horror movie that has a lot of coolness and little bit of budget. A bunch of hijackers land their plane in a farmer’s field filled with Scarecrows. They are carrying tons of cash that they stole and after they hijacked the plane one of their crew tried to screw them and stole the money for himself and jumped out the plane. They land the plane and go in search of their former comrade. In the meantime the Scarecrows come to life and start killing off the hijackers for trespassing on their land!

The movie relies on atmosphere and dialogue only. There are little effects, and they are all practical. There isn’t any explanation why the Scarecrows are killing the criminals or how they came to life. They can also mimic the voices of the hijackers and at one point they actually stuff one of them with money and turn him into a living scarecrow.

I discovered this gem when my buddy Sean (not the Sean who posts here) showed it to me. I ended up getting the vhs copy, which was unrated and it finally came out on DVD like 10 years later! The DVD is less than 5 bucks at stores and is hard to find, but if you do, pick it up.

Horror fans will love it, and it’s even a good gateway horror movie – not to scary, but cool.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Bad.

No, not the He-Man villain.

You know when you see a good movie and then you think “Oh I wish there was a sequel.” Then they make one and it sucks. Well that’s because sometimes movies are one-offs; like 12 Angry Men for example. The case was done, they jury made a decision and all the points the director and writer had to make were said in that one movie. Or like Inherit the Wind, or Guess Who’s Coming to Diner etc.

Usually movies with a character are ok to do sequels on, because the character is what the movie is about. Like Indiana Jones, or Crocodile Dundee etc.

Now I wanted to mention some films where part 2 was just a waste of time and actually hurts the first film! So basically a good movie that was taken 2 far!

In no particular order:

Sister Act 2 - Ok so why is Whoopie back in the “Habit”. Gawd that was just bad. I mean the entire purpose of her hiding out there in part one was valid – she was running from bad guys, but what, she needs to go back now for more? BAD BAD BAD!

Home Alone 2 - One of the worst offenders of the 2 Bad Act. Ok so they forget Kevin at home and thus an adventure begins. Part one was really good, I mean it’s fun and exciting. So after all this the parents lose him again in New York???? Ok that just kills the entire purpose of part one! BAD!

Legally Blonde 2 - So I really liked the first one, it was very well done and really enjoyable. I really liked the character, but doing part 2 was just dumb. She proved she wasn’t a dumb blonde in part one, why does she need to prove it again???

Miss Congeniality 2 - Same as Legally Blonde. Fun movie, Sandy was a tomboy who is forced to break out of her shell and beat the bad guys. So what’s part 2 all about? Didn’t she already go through a transformation? FAIL.

Grease 2 - Bad. I mean what else did you want after the first Grease?

Major League 2 – The Mighty Ducks 2 - So they train to be a better team and everyone is happy. So why are they training again? It’s like now they suck again and have to train???

City Slickers 2 - So a bunch of city boys go out to the woods and act silly. So they go back again? Like didn’t they learn all the lessons they needed to?

Weekend at Bernies 2 - Hahaha – doesn’t that corpse smell bad by now; and what about rigor mortis? What a bloody retarded movie!

Caddyshack 2 – ok don’t bring anyone back from part one and see how that does????

Teen Wolf Too – The Rage: Carrie 2 – ok so a different teenager gets the powers and screws shit up? What are the chances of that happening? I guess they are pretty good when you have desperate writers out there.

Those are just some, speak to your friends and see what more you can come up with. Remember, something like Iron Man 2 doesn’t count. I didn’t like it much, BUT Iron Man is a good series to continue with. Or Sherlock Holmes 2 etc – just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it can’t continue. Like if they did Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2 – that would be bad – I mean he already did everything in part one! Or even War Games 2 – oh wait they did that.



“If you ever wonder where your dreams come from, look around: this is where they're made.”
 - Georges Melies

I didn’t know too much about this film when I saw it, and I am glad for it, because I was amazed at how great this was.

I knew it would be good and thought it would be great, but I didn’t know that would love it as much as I did. This was one of the best films of the year – easy, and it will live on to be considered a classic. I am not going to tell you the story, but if you have any passion for art, writing, film etc, you will definitely love this film.

If you are a film guy like me, and know about the origins of film, and know who Douglas Fairbanks, and Buster Keaton are, then you will LOVE this movie with all your heart. This is a tribute to artists, to film and to the audience who is watching it.

If you want to know what I think about movies then go watch this. Films are not just entertainment; they are gateways to dreams and allow your imagination to take form. Through them you can learn about yourself and humanity. I love writing and painting and music and theatre, but film combines them all in one grant art form that will hopefully live on to inspire others.

It’s a must own for ANY film collection. I hope it wins best picture.

5/5 – The highest 5 I can give!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Tree of Life.

To review this non-film after only one viewing would be to review a meal after only one bite. You would get an accurate taste of whether you would like the dish, but you have to try everything on the plate in order to tell if you truly liked it or not.

This is an art film. That means no linear narrative, no exposition to explain stuff to you (check our movie terms), there is only what is on screen and in your mind to help you figure out what is going on and the deeper meaning behind it.

2001: A Space Odyssey is similar, you have to bring something to it and pay attention so that subconsciously you can kind of figure out what is happening. 2001 is my second favorite movie and I consider it to be the best film ever made. Tree of Life isn’t up to those standards for me, however, it is even more complex than 2001, so I really have to view this again.

It took 3 viewings of 2001 for me to really understand most (you can never really understand it all – though I am pretty darn close I think) of what is going on. Tree of Life being more complex, may take more viewings, but even on this first viewing I can tell you that it’s really good.

Just from a tech angle, cinematography and effects – it’s amazing. The creation of the universe sequence is unbelievably amazing and it’s worth getting the bluray for that sequence alone! But there is much more beauty in it than that. If you like Baraka (a non-film) then this is similar in its scenes and quality. What makes this film even cooler is the fact that mostly natural light was used. No studio lighting, it’s all real here boys and the film actually is better for it. The locations are real and the light is real, so you really get a sense of something amazing happening.

This movie isn’t for everyone, but I think those who enjoy putting some thought and discussion into films will enjoy it. I suggest – watch it (in silence, don’t get up to refill your coke every 2 minutes) pay attention to it and then discuss it with someone else. See what they got out of it, see what you got etc. This is what films are all about!


Out of the fire and into the -

Boiler Room.

Anyone involved in sales should watch this. It is gold in terms of what it teaches you about sales. Anyone not involved in sales should also watch this because it teaches you about sales!

You ever get a cold call from some stock broker or someone telemarketer? Well this is what this movie is all about. Trying to get people to buy stocks. Man, these sales guys are not taking any bullshit either. They know their ABC’s (always be closing), and on every call they are told that a sale will take place. They will sell stocks to the person, or the person will sell them that they don’t need stocks.

The movie has a storyline – how these guys are kind of phonies and how they’re company may be up to something fishy or illegal – HELLO it’s sales! They always lie!
But even if it didn’t have a storyline I was right into the training part of the movie, how they get these guys to push the sale, and how they just need to get someone to agree to speak to a higher up salesrep etc.

Anyway, this is an old movie so I wont spend too much time on it, but I loved it and will be buying it big time!



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Terms!

Reading this blog you sometimes come along terms that you may not understand. Well the boys and I have decided to give some of the definitions of the terms we use. This isn’t all of them, but it’s a good start! Remember, most of these we made up, so you won’t find them anywhere, but heck, they are fun to use when discussing films!

Plot Armor – Where a character cannot die because the plot or script won’t allow him to. Like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, or Batman in Dark Knight etc.

Ransom Affect – In the film Ransom with Mel Gibson, I was able to guess the kidnapper in one second – that’s because it was Gary Sinise. See the formula goes that if there is another character that is played by someone semi famous (or a character actor) and he isn’t given much to do, then he is the bad guy. See Ghost, and Snake Eyes for the same affect.

Pie Chart Movie – that is where they make a movie with all the ingredients to produce a certain affect. Like must have: 25% explosions, 25% hot girls, 25% gore, 5% one liners, 20% gun fire etc. They have to fill the pie chart!

Oscar Bait – same as Pie Chart, only it’s for the Oscars. Big speech about life, character goes through major change, story must be uplifting or historic etc. All to get an Oscar!

Cheap Pop – where it’s all silent and then there is a big scare but nothing amounts from it. Like if there is a scare that results in a death, then it’s a real scare. You jump and someone gets their head chopped off. A Cheap Pop is where a cat jumps at you, or a guy walks across the screen really fast in the foreground and nothing happens.

Mr. Exposition – the character that has to explain stuff to the audience. Usually this seems out of place or a bit weird. In Austin Powers they have a character called Basil Exposition (played by Michael York), who explains everything.

TCB – Take Care O Business. When a character has to really destroy someone who was evil to them, or just evil in general!

Michael Bay Troops – A bunch of swat guys, or military guys appear on the scene.
They are there to look cool and take control of the situation.

Chest Hair Movie – two manly men compete to see who is the manliest man. Examples are Tango and Cash, or The Rock.

Chooching – characters from opposing sides team up to fight a bigger threat. Like when the Natives and Cowboys team up in Cowboys & Aliens. Or where He-Man and Skeletor team up against Hordak etc.

The Curved Leg Technique - That’s the technique employed by actors inexperienced in martial arts in movies. See The Bourne movies. You can tell an actor cannot really fight when you see them kick – they can’t never seem to extend their legs properly. To someone who knows, you can see it’s just wrong.

Valien - Monsters disguised as humans who can talk and think, but when they reveal their true form, they seem like mindless, roaring monsters – even though they’ve been monsters all along and were talking normally just a second ago. The V miniseries and Conquest are examples. I think Men in Black did the same thing with that cockroach monster inhabiting humans for most of the film, but then he’s a roaring beast at the end.

Well I hope these terms help you out – and remember who taught you them!

J-Man, Deceptisean and Stephenstein.

The Girl with the Oscar in Her Hands.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

So this is the American film based on the series of books that has everyone pumped up. They made a TV series turned into a movie trilogy (or vice versa – I don’t know) and now an American remake by David Fincher (who basically can do no wrong it seems). Trent Reznor is back doing the music, which if I was a pirate would have downloaded last night ;).

Before I get into it, let me say that I have never seen the TV/movie series, and have never read the books. I decided to wait and see the American one first, only as an experiment. See I always like the originals and hate remakes, but in this case, I have seen the remake first – so now I will go back and watch the original to see what I like more. There have been some remakes I like – Night of the Living dead and True Grit, and some remakes I like more than the original, like 3:10 to Yuma, Scarface and The Thing (the second remake, not third – or prequel as they called it). So I am ok with seeing a new take on something.

People have been really loving the original Swedish “Girl” trilogy and most have liked this new one too. I have also heard that a lot of people like the actress who played the Girl in the original one better than the Rooney Mara – well if that original girl is better than Rooney then she must be the best actress of all time, because Rooney was bloody amazing in this film and should win best actress!

So I walked into this blind, I didn’t know the story at all. All I knew was that there was a killer of women and Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara had to find him. That’s it. Of course there is so much more than that, and this is a very complex thriller in the vein of Silence of the Lambs and Seven (Fincher also directed that one) except it’s much more complex and the mystery is really well done.

The Mystery – so some girl went missing decades ago and it’s up to Daniel Craig to TCB (take care o business) and find the girl’s killer. He stumbles upon some evidence that shows a bunch of murders that may be connected to the missing girl in some way. He then calls on the help of Lisbeth Salander (Rooney) to help him connect the dots. That’s all I will give away, except to say that you better pay attention during this movie, there is a hell of a lot going on!

The Violence – this movie is NOT for the timid. It has a violent rape scene that was very uncomfortable to watch – even for me (although I have seen much much worse), and there is a lot of descriptive dialogue about the murders. But it’s really not too bad. Think of Seven – you didn’t really see any gore, but it was just explained in detail. The rape scene is bad, but I think if you try and tune it out, it will be ok. It’s not overlong or anything like in “I Spit On Your Grave” or something, and Lisbeth’s revenge on the rapist is very satisfying in a realistic way that doesn’t involve her doing anything horrific. I was expecting castration or something, but that would make her too crazy, so they opted for something more to her character – the title of the film is a clue.

The Music – so Trent Reznor is back with Fincher, they worked on Social Network, and I think this score is even better than that one! This is one of the few films I have seen (in this day and age) where the music is actually helps in telling the story. See this film has a lot of clues and details and names, even though it’s all explained, it’s sometimes hard to follow exactly what is happening. That’s where the music helps in setting the mood. When Daniel Craig is going through 100 photos of potential clues and suspects, the music starts to get very intense, which tells me that he is on to something big without actually revealing what it is, so that you are still in suspense as to what will happen next, but you know something big will happen! I know this is obvious, but I don’t see it much in other films, so I thought I would point it out here.

The Actors – Rooney Mara was brilliant. She must win best actress. I loved her character and was very into everything she was doing. I felt her angry and frustration at a world that didn’t understand her, and didn’t even bother to try, and I was very sad for her at one part which I won’t reveal here. She was great and I cannot wait to see her return for the next installment.

Craig was good too! Very solid and felt like a real person and I didn’t get any James Bond vibes from him either. I think he won’t be typecast as Bond after he finishes his run.

All in all this is a 5 star movie big time. It is for adults (hence the R rating) and if you are squeamish, then I would recommend caution. But if you can handle a bit of violence you will discover a truly great story and film!



Monday, January 2, 2012

Prometheus plot details?

Hi all, Deceptisean here with another mega-spoiler. This is for Prometheus, the forthcoming Ridley Scott epic which was born out of Fox tapping him to direct an Alien 5 movie. While developing that movie, Ridley Scott came up with a new concept that didn't really fit the Alien formula, so he decided to make a movie on this new concept instead. Scott has said in an interview that the xenomorph is not in this movie and Prometheus has little to do with Alien. Reading the below (if the below is real) it will be hinted in the movie that this is a prequel to the first Alien movie. Beyond that, this description sounds a little too busy to me -- but eerily connects to various articles I've read about the movie. If it's true, then Prometheus will be cool to watch, but it isn't the thoughtful sci-fi I thought it was going to be. Check your brain at the door and just get whisked away by the atmosphere and creature effects.

Anyhow, as with the Superman spoilers, it may be utter bull crap. But maybe not, so beware of spoilers.

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"Earth. The beginnings of our world. In an opening montage, we watch as our primordial planet is terraformed and bioformed by seemingly all-powerful, Godlike alien entities…the ENGINEERS. The seeds of life are introduced to Earth for the first time by these fantastic extra-terrestrials, who have the power to create and manipulate both mechanical and biological matter at will. The montage ends as the earliest genetic recipe for life is sent forth from the Engineers’ massive, towering CITADEL in the dark desert.

The desolate desert of Africa: 2085. The prehistoric ruins of the Engineers’ Citadel is discovered by a corporate construction team tasked with building a nuclear-powered comm-array in the wilderness. Amidst the ancient remains are found highly advanced, biomechanical relics with are determined to be of extra-terrestrial origin. This catches the attention of the mega-conglomerate WEYLAND-YUTANI CORPOTATION, who finances a massive archaeological excavation of the citadel in the hopes of reverse-engineering the alien biotech for financial gain. Running the operation is MEREDITH VICKERS, a cold, calculating corporate executive, who recruits intelligent and independent astrophysicist DR. ELIZABETH SHAW to head up the research team. Assisting Dr. Shaw are xenoarchaeologist DR. THEO ZEDMORE and her fellow astrophysicist DR. LOGAN. Shaw uncovers the secret of the citadel when she discovers a chamber of star charts, which seem to lead the way to the home planet of the Engineers. Also uncovered is evidence suggesting that the Engineers had a database of all life on Earth, and may even have been responsible for its creation including Man.

In a partially-submerged MANHATTAN, Vickers meets with Dr. Shaw and an OPO, (Off-Planet-Officer), CAPTAIN JERAMIAH JANEK, and plans a space mission following the discovered star charts in an effort to find and make first contact with the Engineers. For the scientists and explorers onboard, it will be a journey of discovery, but for Vickers, it’s merely a way of obtaining new technology so that Weyland-Yutani may retain the lead in the competitive race to establish colonies off-world.

The depths of space: 2090. A highly-advanced, top-of-the-line ISRV (Interstellar Research Vessel) PROMETHEUS decelerates as it reaches its target solar system. The vessel’s crew emerges from their cryo-chambers. Along with Elizabeth Shaw, Theo Zedmore, Logan, Meredith Vickers, and Captain Janek, the crew of the Prometheus is comprised of: First Officer MUDOW, Security Officer RAYDEN HOLLOWAY, Navigator CHANCE, Helm Officer RAVEL, Operations Android DAVID 4.0, Political Officer ALDRICH, Medical Officer FRANCIS, Engineer YURI, and Technical Officers SIENA, LETTUP, and TEMBROOK. The crew gets acclimated to their removal from cryo-sleep, their muscles in atrophy from five years without use. Holloway assists Shaw in her physical therapy exercises.

The crew prepares for arrival at the home planet of the Engineers. Shaw and Holloway are instantly attracted to each other, initiating a romantic relationship. However, as they enter the Zeta 2 Reticuli star system, Prometheus encounters a massive disturbance which hadn’t appeared on scanners, one even more powerful than a black hole: a wormhole in space. Prometheus is sucked into the wormhole, and after a harrowing ride, emerges on the other end. The ship crashes on a barren planet, which the damaged computer system identifies as the mission’s final destination.

The crew sets about attempting to repair the Prometheus, while Elizabeth Shaw leads a recon expedition to investigate nearby structures, which turn out to be a cavernous Engineer temple. Inside the temple, Shaw’s team encounters a bizarre BIO-BRAIN, a biomechanical humanoid face set within a towering pillar, as well as thousands of seemingly primitive URNS. David takes several of the urns back to the vessel for analysis.

Investigating the urns, David discovers that they contain the genetic material for thousands of species within a viscous liquid called BIOFORMER which can rewrite any living organism on a cellular level. Basically, possession of the substance gives its owner the power to create life. Vickers interacts with David and seemingly innocently leads to the Bioformer infecting David through a cut in his finger.

Within the depths of the Temple, we find several living Engineers who discover the transgression of the Humans, and remotely rewrite the stolen Bioformer to make it into a weapon. The Engineers capture Holloway and run a number of horrific experiments on him, injecting him with the Bioformer and allowing him to return to the vessel.

Subsequently, the crew of the Prometheus begins to fall victim to the now weaponized substance, as the “carrier” Holloway injects Ravel, Zedmore, Francis, Siena, Lettup, and Tembrook. The victims begin to lose their humanity and slowly transform, experiencing nightmarish visions and hallucinations and making pilgrimages to the depths of the Temple to receive instructions from the Bio-Brain. Holloway, in particular, is resistant to the transformation, fighting against the alien influence with his feelings for Shaw and his responsibilities as security officer. Meanwhile, David finds that the Bioformer is making him into a biological being…making him Human. The crew also finds that their trip through the wormhole took them back hundreds of millions of years and they are actually stranded on primordial Earth, having moved through space and time.

Eventually, as alien influence and the continued lurking presence of the Engineers becomes clear, the crew of the Prometheus turns on each other as the infected human victims fully mutate into PROTOFORMS: vicious, skeletal alien monstrosities which proceed to assault the unaffected Human crew through the halls of the Prometheus.

Mudow, Logan, Chance, Aldrich, Yuri, and Janek end up being destroyed by the Protoforms. In a strange, erotic ceremony, the Protoforms seemingly mate with the Bio-Brain and each other to create thousands of EGGS, the first of a new generation of the monsters. Meredith Vickers is revealed to be a sleeper CONSTRUCT of the Engineers, who are still active in their far future and Shaw’s present due to the time-travelling abilities of the wormhole. Vickers was grown in an Engineer lab but escaped, fleeing to Earth while always wanting to her find creators and take their power. The Engineers activate Vickers’ secondary GENE PROGRAMMING, and she transforms into an ALPHA PROTOFORM: the STAR BEAST.

At last, the two remaining crew members, Elizabeth Shaw and David, seek to confront the Engineers in the Temple. The Godlike entities prove to be utterly evil, and David sacrifices himself as he’s dissolved in the LIFE SEED BIOFORMER which is the basic genetic recipe for MAN: the former android David, it turns out, is the basis for all Mankind. Shaw is captured by Holloway, but he regains enough of his humanity to remotely activate an Engineer vessel for Shaw’s escape, then holds the other Protoforms and Engineers at bay. As Shaw escapes, she finds herself in the midst of the initial Engineer terraforming of Earth which we had witnessed in the opening montage, chased by the former Meredith Vickers who is now the gigantic, horrific Star Beast.

Shaw makes to her escape vessel which blasts off for the wormhole, Holloway fighting the Star Beast with both falling into the wormhole and disappearing. An Engineer PILOT detaches from the Temple in a FAMILIAR VESSEL and follows Shaw, but is lost in the wormhole. Shaw emerges above the Earth of her present day; however, she’s deemed insane and responsible for the loss of her expedition and confined to a psychiatric hospital by the Company. It’s implied that there are at least some of those who believe Shaw’s tale, but have silenced her as part of a cover-up.

In the final scene, we see the vessel of the Engineer that was chasing Elizabeth Shaw emerge from the wormhole in the Zeta 2 Reticuli star system, still in the prehistoric past, and crash on a nearby planetoid, the Engineer Pilot helplessly lost and the EGGS in the ship’s cargo hold stirring as something alive moves from within…

The Beginning"

Oblivion with a Budget!

Cowboys & Aliens.

So C&A combines science fiction and westerns, it’s not the first to do so, see the Oblivion series, but it’s done in a very serious way. No bullshit in this movie! I was stunned at how serious this film was and how much I loved it.

Daniel Craig is THE MAN in this flick. He rocks! Sam Rockwell is wicked, Clancy Brown as the preacher – BRILLIANT and Harrison Ford was fantastic too! Olivia Wilde was used for her acting, not body – that was cool – a strong female character that didn’t have any sex appeal. There wasn’t any stupid shit in the movie either, like puns, or cheesy one-liners. This was a kick ass action flick would’ve been in my top 10 of the year had I seen it in theatres!

I can’t say enough good things about this one. The aliens are great, we can see them and they are hard to kill man! All the scenes flow well together and there was some real heart in the film too! I liked how all the characters acted and I always love stories were a bunch of different people band together to fight against some evil force!

The explanation for why the aliens are here is interesting too, we have a rare substance known as gold here, and it’s rare for the aliens too. That’s as far as the explanation goes, we don’t know what the aliens do with the gold or with the humans they capture, but I like that. We need some mystery here to keep the aliens scary!

This is a must see and I am disappointed I missed this in theatres.



Dolph vs the Army of Darkness!

In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds.

This continues from the Jason Statham film, but now Dolph is the man. So basically Dolph is taken from modern day back to medieval times (no he doesn’t have a chainsaw arm!) to do battle with dragons and witches.

Apparently he is the chosen one, although that isn’t explained until the end, and I kept thinking, I guess if I had to choose someone to go back and fight evil I would pick Dolph, or maybe JCVD!

Anyway, this film has a much lower budget than the previous installment and it shows. The CGI is kind of whatever, and nothing much really happens, but Dolph is still the best and makes the movie good. Basically if you like Uwe Bowl (I just lost half my readers), and Dolph then check it out. But don’t get too excited over the premise, there is a lot of exposition in this film and it’s not like we are dealing with “12 Angry Men” level of writing.



Rat on the money!


Pixar films often fall under 3 categories for me. 5 stars, 4.5 stars and 4 stars. The worst of the Pixar films is still much better than most animated films and always a treat for the eyes!

This film ranks at the 4.5 stars category and it’s brilliant. I wasn’t sure about this one going in, but I found myself really enjoying it a lot and thought it was really one of the better Pixar films.

I wont get into it too much since this movie is older and everyone already saw it, but I just wanted to add that I really really enjoyed it and it’s a must own for all.



Nice dresses.

27 Dresses.

Katherine Heigl stars in this Romcom which takes the premise of “always a bridesmaid never a bride” to its fullest generic and formulaic potential. Romcom’s always use a generic formula, same as action films, and this one plays it all out by the book. This is textbook Romcom and I would say that this is probably the best one to use this formula.

Look we know Romcoms suck and aren’t that good – but there sometimes is an exception that uses the formula, but still delivers some laughs and heart. One positive is that this film doesn’t use any gross out humor or vulgarity. I am so sick of comedies these days resorting to bottom of the barrel jokes that only make fun of people or use gross out tactics to try and make us laugh. This movie at least is family friendly and some points to make.

And it centers on marriage and the idea that you must take marriage seriously – that was kind of a nice surprise too in this “knocked up” day and age.

All in all, this wasn’t too bad – it’s generic for sure and there are NO surprises at all, but at least it didn’t piss me off!



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Superman: The Man of Steel plot details

I haven't written on here for a long while. Laziness, I guess. But I found an interesting article that was worth posting. Someone quietly posted a detailed synopisis (albeit, typo-filled) of Zack Syder's Superman: The Man of Steel. I haven't seen much written about this at all (too much Batman hype right now). Reading through this discription, it seems okay. All that stuff about Clark finding himself is really about 15 or 20 minutes or so. He's Superman for a major chunk of the story. The biggest theme here is that the people of the world don't trust or don't know what to make of Supes, and the appearance of Zod and Faora don't really help. I like the explanation of the "S" symbol, and Luthor having a cameo (not yet cast if it's true). It'll be a cool popcorn flick if this is real at least, and hopefully bring Superman back into the mainstream.

Of course, this can all be complete bull crap. But who knows? What do you think?


SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“We begin on Krypton. On a battlefield no less. Kryptonian troops try to break the lines of a rebel force that has holed up at a geothermal power plant. Jor-El is there, representing the Science Council. We learn that Kryptonian scientists have recently learned of another world in the galaxy that not only contains life, it contains human life. Having been told Jor-El’s yellow sun theory, Zod has set in motion a plan to leave Krypton behind with his followers for this new world, believing Krypton to be weak and corrupt. Jor-El manages to break through the lines and get into the power planet, where Zod is set to overload the station, which draws energy from the planet’s core (along with other stations across Krypton). He believes that this will start a chain reaction that will ultimately result in Krypton’s destruction. He is confronted by Jor-El who tries to convince him to abandon his crazy scheme but the two end up coming to blows. Zod is the better fighter and knocks Jor-El down and proceed to do what he went there to do. The army breaks through the lines though and manage to get in and stop Zod.

As Zod is taken away, Jor-El looks over the readings coming from the planet’s core. We then have two scenes intercut with each other that show Jor-El at home with his wife and infant son, looking over core data while General Zod is sentenced to the “living death” of the Phantom Zone as his wife Faora watches from the shadows. The Phantom Zone is more like a wormhole than rotating glass and as Zod is pushed through the portal, his clothes burn away and bursts of energy begin to tear apart his skin. He screams in agony that it’s too late and that they will all burn as he will. At the El house, Jor-El comes to a startling realization. Zod wasn’t stopped in time.

An emergency session of the Science Council is called for the next morning and Jor-El pleads his case, saying that Krypton is doomed and that they have no choice to evacuate the population to the newly discovered Earth. However the Science Council accuse Jor-El of being in collusion with Zod, suggesting that he’s trying to carry out Zod’s plan of leaving for a primitive world where he can rule as a god. Jor-El is taken away by security forces and placed under house arrest while the Council investigates him for treason.

With all communication cut off, Jor-El can’t warn anyone what’s about to happen and is stuck in his home, awaiting his fate. We works in his lab, trying to find a way to at least save his wife and son and comes across a small deep space probe that he determines could be modified to hold a person – a child. He works day and night to modify the probe, fitting a Phantom Zone Generator that will allow the probe to travel between dimensions to reach the new world on the other side of the galaxy.

On the day of Kryptons destruction, seismic activity is rising rapidly. Jor-El puts the final touches on the probe and prepares to send Kal-El into space. At the same time, Faora sneaks into a military base to steal a ship. With people panicking all over Kryptonopolis due to the earthquakes and eruption of the Gold Volcano, Faora is able to go unnoticed and make it to the ship. When she takes off however the ship is fired upon immediately. Faora pilots the ship into the atmosphere and out into space. Meanwhile Jor-El and Lara say goodbye to Kal-El in a heartbreaking moment. Finally the modified probe blasts away from the house and rises through the atmosphere as the planet tears itself apart below.

The probe flies into deep space as the planet explodes behind it. Faora’s ship is caught in the blast and spins out of control. With the ship damaged, Faora attempts to set a course and then climbs inside a hibernation pod. Meanwhile, the probe activates the Phantom Zone generator and flies straight into the Phantom Zone. It emerges on the otherside, approaching a small blue planet. The new world – Earth.

The probe flies into our atmosphere and crash lands in a cornfield. We then look through Kal-El’s eyes as the probe opens up and we catch our first glimpse of Martha Kent. Martha pulls Kal-El out of the ship, to the surprise of Jonathan Kent who is standing with his shotgun. He lowers the gun when he sees the child and they stand there looking at the baby and the alien space craft, wondering what the hell they should do.

We then jump forward in time, 25 years later. We find ourselves on an oil rig with a bearded Clark Kent. He’s coming to the end of his shift when his boss calls him in for a chat. We find out that Clark is going under an assumed name and working undercover. Clark immediately goes into journalist mode, asking questions about working conditions but before the boss can respond there is a loud BOOM and everything starts to shake. The oil rig is on fire. The boss reaches for the radio immediately to call the coast guard and we see Clark trying to help people as everything falls down around them, but he’s trying to help without his powers being discovered. Eventually a rescue helicopter approaches but as people try to get to the landing pad, a crane topples over, threatening to crush them all. It never touches them though. The other workers are amazed to find Clark under the crane, lifting it up. The helicopter is able to land and the people are evacuated. Clark pushes the crane off into the sea and when the people turn back to look at him, he’s gone.

We then jump to the streets of Smallville. Clark walks through town, backpack on his shoulder. He reaches the Kent Farm where he is greeted with hugs from his parents. He’s been gone a long time. We learn that he has been traveling the world, covering stories as a freelance journalist. There’s a letter from the editor of the Daily Planet in Metropolis waiting for him, offering him a job. Clark leaves for a shower and a shave, using the mirror to bounce his heat vision back on to his face. He goes to his bedroom to get dressed and sees his old glasses on the dresser. He puts them on, checking himself in the mirror and goes back to his parents who are surprised to see him with them, saying he hasn’t needed them since he learned to control his supervision. Clark says that they make him feel normal, flawed…human. He doesn’t really know what he is. He tells his parents of his travels, of how he tried to help people but that he never seemed to be able to do enough and that he wondered what the point of his powers were if he couldn’t save everybody. Jonathan asks if Clark can help out around the farm, maybe go with him into Smallville to pick up supplies, suggesting that it might help him clear his head.

On the journey into town, Jonathan and Clark talk about his troubles and Jonathan mentions the ship which has been buried in the barn. Clark has always known it was there but was afraid to go near it, fearful of what he might discover about himself. Their conversation is cut short though as a storm blows through the town and with it, a massive tornado. Clark and Jonathan do their best to gather people up and bring them to the storm shelter in the church. There are still people outside though and Clark goes to try to help them. He exits the church and a gust of wind blows his glasses from his face. We then have a sequence of Clark speeding around Smallville, searching for people, saving people as he finds them. The tornado though is approaching the church. Clark heads straight for the tornado. The streets are now empty. For the first time, we see Clark fly as he takes off and flies right into the heart of the tornado, using powers like his superbreath to blow the tornado out like a flame.

When the skies clear, there is a lot of damage but everyone is safe. Jonathan shows his pride in his son who picks up his glasses with a new determination. We go back to the Kent farm and into the barn where Clark digs up the ship. He’s not really sure what to do. Martha and Jonathan look on as Clark reaches out to touch the ship. His touch seems to activate something and the ship comes to life. The barn then transforms into Jor-El’s lab though only Clark sees it that way. Martha and Jonathan just see a barn. We are treated to a heartbreaking moment where we see Jor-El and Lara deliver their final message to their son. Clark sees his infant self in Lara’s arms. They are speaking in Kryptonese but the ship translates the language into English for Clark to hear. When the message is over, Clark is left in tears. He tells Martha and Jonathan of Lara’s final words, his purpose for being on Earth – to live and live well. He notices something in the ship and pulls it out. It’s Jor-El’s Councillor’s suit. He looks at the symbol on it. He knows what it means – Hope. He makes his decision. He knows what his purpose will be. Inside the ship, on a small display, the S Shield flickers as a beacon.

Somewhere in space, inside the damaged ship, Faora awakens from stasis. She looks at a holographic screen and sees the S symbol. The symbol for hope. There’s another Kryptonian out there. On Earth. She now has a direct course to Earth and immediately activates the Phantom Zone generator, setting a course for the blue planet.

We find ourselves in Metropolis at the Daily Planet. Perry White is there and he’s fuming. Clark Kent is nowhere to be seen. We also get our first look at Lois Lane. She tells Perry that he’s getting what he deserves for hiring freelancers. Clark shows up to put Lois in her place, scooping her on a story about a drugs ring operating in Suicide Slums. Lois complains that it was supposed to be her story and Perry reminds her that he assigned her to look into the “Metropolis miracles.” Lois tells him she has no time to write stories on angels or UFOs or people being mysteriously saved from certain doom. Perry reminds her that the Daily Planet isn’t what it used to be, with declining readership. Lois suggests giving Clark the Metropolis miracle story as he’s still new and he probably loves that human interest stuff. Much to Clark’s dismay, Perry agrees and Clark is forced to hand over the drug ring story to Lois. It’s clear from the very start that Lois and Clark are rivals not friends, at least not to begin with. The smug look on Lois’ face disappears however when Perry decides to team them up to cover the new Metropolis-Gotham rail link, being opened the next day. Perry calls it a chance for Lois to show the new guy the ropes, smirking as he says it. Lois is not pleased.

We cut to space where we see Faora’s ship coming out of the Phantom Zone. It’s in our solar system, somewhere near Saturn. It spins through space towards Earth.

The next morning, Lois and Clark are at Metropolis Central Station. This is the first time they really have a chance to learn anything about each other, the possible beginnings of a friendship. When the train arrives, it bears the LEXCORP logo on the side. Lois immediately pulls rank and declares that she’s going to go on the train for it’s first journey while Clark can stay behind to get the views from the people at the station. Clark is left interviewing people about what they think of the new high speed train as Lois takes her seat on the train, managing to bully her way through other people to sit beside the train’s designer, Emmet Vale, (future creator of Metallo, for the geeks out there) for an exclusive interview. Things seem to go smoothly at first as the train speeds up to optimum level, but much to the surprise and worry of the engineer, the train starts to move faster, speeding across Metropolis.

Back at the station, Clark starts picking up radio chatter about the situation. Something is definitely wrong. He moves away from the crowd and disappears. On the train, the engineer is in panic mode. He can’t stop the train. He can’t even slow it down. A sudden explosion destroys the track in the distance. We then get the iconic shirt rip as Clark reveals his fathers suit, now his suit, and the big red S underneath. He then leaps out of his clothes revealing the full Superman costume and takes off at speed, chasing the train. His first job is to uncouple as many passenger cars as he can. He flies alongside the train, to the amazement of the people inside, using his heat vision to uncouple the cars. He manages to get a few and as the rest of the train speeds ahead, he flies ahead of the uncoupled cars and reaches out with his hands, using them as a bumper to slow the cars and bring them a stop. He then goes after the front of the train which as reached the gap created by the explosion. The train falls through the gap. Superman is there in a flash, underneath the train to catch it and level it as it reaches the ground. All of Metropolis watches as Superman brings the train to a complete and safe stop.

For the first time, Superman has a chance to think and he looks around, floating in the air as people with camera phones get pictures and footage of him. He’s revealed to the world now. He uses his x-ray vision to look inside the cars to make sure everybody is OK. Lois emerges and gets a good look at him. There is a moment where Superman thinks she recognises him and Lois wonders herself but she shakes it off. She tries to say something but Superman takes off towards the broken pieces of track. It’s pretty damn obvious that this was sabotage. He flies high into the air above Metropolis and listens. At first we hear a thousand voices all speaking at once but he filters through them until he finds the voices of the perpetrators.

On a rooftop looking over the crash site, the thugs responsible shuffle into a helicopter and take off, looking to make a hasty retreat. It isn’t long before Superman is hot on their tails. One of the thugs fires with an automatic rifle from the helicopter. The bullets just bounce off Superman and he keeps coming. One of the bullets though just misses and flies past him. Superman registers this immediately, stops and turns. He flies after the bullet and passes it by just before it can hit a woman on the street below. He catches the bullet, gives the woman a reassuring smile and takes off after the helicopter again. We have now seen that he is both faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Superman flies after the helicopter, getting in front of it and matching speed. Without even flinching, he sends his fist up through the spinning blades shattering them. The helicopter begins to fall out of the sky. Superman of course manages to capture it and bring it to rest in front of waiting police officers who are there to manage the train crash. Superman opens the door and uses his heat vision to melt the guns into metal. Superman tells the cops that they are responsible for the train derailment and takes off before they can respond with both cops and thugs in stunned silence.

Back at the train station, a janitor spots a set of clothes and a pair of glasses on the ground. He looks around, wondering who could have left them there. Shrugging, he goes to pick them up but a red and blue blur flies past and the clothes are gone in an instant. At the derailment site, Lois is on the phone to Perry while getting fidgety as the paramedics try to look her over. She promises to get back to the Planet to write up her account of the events straight away and as she hangs up the phone she spots Clark approaching, severely out of breath, saying he ran across town. She comments that it looks like she’s going to be writing the Metropolis miracle story after all, much to Clark’s frustration. Once again there is a moment where Clark fears that Lois might recognise him but he’s in the clear.

We then find ourselves at a meeting of top military officials, including Lois’ father, General Sam Lane, discussing the appearance of the apparent savior as options are put on the table about developing military strategies to counter a potential threat.

Later than night, Clark is in his apartment talking to his parents on the phone with the tv on in the background, showing footage of the events earlier in the day but also other events around the world. It seems Clark has been busy. His parents talk about how proud they are of him and ask about him being recognised.

In space, Faora’s ship passes the moon and she can now see Earth in the distance.

It’s the next morning and we are greeted to the front page of the Daily Planet – SAVED BY A SUPERMAN! Clark questions the name Lois has given the mysterious hero but Lois points out the big red S on his chest. When Clark asks how they know it’s an S, Perry chimes in asking what else it could be, and Clark drops the subject immediately, afraid of blowing his cover. Lois comments that the people responsible were from a criminal outfit called Intergang. Perry tells Clark to get out on the street and get some reaction from the public.

Faora’s ship approaches Earth, severely damaged. It tumbles through the atmosphere, threatening to burn up as Faora tries to maintain control. She just about manages to level it off in time to crash on the outskirts of Smallville. She takes a small tracking device with her as she staggers out of the ship. She feels the yellow sun on her skin for the first time and spends a few seconds taking it in. The cuts on her face and arms from the crash begin to heal. Feeling her strength returning, she looks at the tracker, finding the direction she needs to go in and starts walking. She walks through Smallville, her alien clothes drawing strange looks. She doesn’t care. She’s focused on her mission.

In Metropolis Superman flies overhead, drawing awed looks from the people below. He hears a woman screaming for help and reacts immediately, descending into an alley to confront an attacker. Back in Smallville, police and local news outlets have arrived at the crash site. As Faora continues through town she’s confronted by a cop. When the cop asks for ID she moves faster than she thought she could, knocking the cop backwards into a parked van. Amazed at her newfound strength, she glances at a nearby car. She picks it up without breaking a sweat and tosses it into a building. She starts to run, picking up tremendous speed and before she knows it she’s at the Kent Farm. Inside, Jonathan and Martha watch the events on the local news. Martha rushes to the phone to call Clark. Jonathan spots someone outside and gets his shotgun. He goes outside and sees Faora. He asks what she’s doing there. She says something to him in Kryptonese. He doesn’t understand. She spots the gun and her eyes start to burn. Jonathan recognises what’s about to happen and fires. The bullet bounces off her. Then a blast of heat vision destroys the gun and burns Jonathan badly. Martha rushes out to her husband. Faora glares at them then walks towards the barn. Martha has the phone in her hands. She starts dialling Clark.

In the barn, Faora uncovers the ship. She opens up and reaches inside to a control panel. After inputting a commands she stands back and watches as a bright light envelops the barn and the Phantom Zone generator activates, creating a portal inside the barn. She waits as General Zod slowly climbs out, his body scarred and burned. She speaks to him in Kryptonese, telling him that the yellow sun will heal him and make him strong. She glances outside and sees Martha holding Jonathan while on the phone. She doesn’t understand what’s being said. She goes back to the ship and activates the database stored inside, effectively downloading Earth’s languages into her mind and the mind of Zod.

In Metropolis, Clark is back in his normal clothes. His phone is ringing. He answers. His mother is frantic, talking about Jonathan being hurt. Even as he listens to his mother, his ears pick up the sound of a TV news program talking about aliens. His x ray vision penetrates a building, seeing through to a TV store on the other side where he sees images of the ship in Smallville. He has to get back and fast.

At the Kent farm, Faora helps Zod out into the sun. She’s heard the conversation and understands the words. She thinks nothing of it but Zod reminds her of the ship. Another Kryptonian on Earth. Faora carries Zod out of the farm, leaving the Kents behind and speeds away, back to her own ship. The police are there. Faora swats them aside like flies and brings Zod into the ship. His wounds are healing but he doesn’t have his full strength. Faora shows him a BATTLE SUIT stored inside the ship.

Superman arrives at the farm and sees that Jonathan is severely wounded. He says he’s going to take Jonathan to the hospital but Jonathan tells him to go after the Kryptonians and stop them from hurting anyone else. It’s a tough decision for Clark but Jonathan reassures him. Superman flies off at speed to the crash site.

What follows is a battle that begins with Superman vs Faora. She speaks Kryptonese to him but he doesn’t seem to understand. So she speaks English, asking who he is. When it’s clear that he is not her ally she attacks him and they engage in battle. The military is also rolling into Smallville. As the battle rages on the street, Zod emerges from the ship in his battle suit and joins the battle. Superman is stronger than both of them at this point and manages to break through the battle armor. At the same time, the small military force is attacking the aliens and Superman ends up having to protect them. With Zod’s battle suit destroyed, he removes it and takes Superman on hand to hand. But he isn’t strong enough yet and Superman is clearly winning the battle. Seeing how much Superman seems to care about protecting civilians she causes a fire with her heat vision that threatens to rage through the town. With Superman distracted, she grabs Zod and takes off. Zod tells her to destroy the ship as they fly over the crash site. By the time Superman is done dealing with the fire, the other Kryptonians are gone.

Superman rushes back to the farm. Martha is in tears. Jonathan is clearly dying. Superman doesn’t know what to do but Jonathan tells him its alright and that he’s proud of the man he’s become. He then passes away in the arms of his wife and son.

General Lane appears at the crash site which has now been secured by the military. The ship is now nothing but debris. Lane orders that the pieces be gathered up for study so that they might know their enemy.

Later on, we find Zod and Faora hiding in the mountains. Zod is getting his full strength back. He notices that Faora may be as powerful as he is and feels threatened by it. Lois Lane arrives in Smallville the next morning. She first goes to the crash site, hoping to get some information from her father but he turns her away though not before suggesting that Superman may have been the vanguard for an invasion. Lois defends Superman, stating that he was fighting the aliens and protecting the people. Then she visits the Kent farm where Clark and Martha are grieving. She introduces herself to Martha and offers her condolences, asking Clark why the alien would be there. Clark responds that the aliens didn’t care who they hurt, doing his best not to reveal the whole truth. Martha offers to let Lois stay at the house while she’s in town. Clark busies himself working on the farm as Lois tries to comfort him and their friendship blossoms for the first time.

In the mountains, Zod pours over information gathered about Superman. Not wanting a rival for the world he decides it’s better to take care of Superman sooner rather than later and will go to Metropolis, where Superman has been active the most and draw him out. He’s also beginning to see Faora as a rival an even though she’s his wife, he blames her for him being trapped in the Phantom Zone for so long and kills her without hesitation. He will have no rivals.

Lois reluctantly says she has to go back to Metropolis but she will stay for the funeral if Clark needs her to. Clark tells her its alright and that he’ll see her in a few days. Lois leaves and Clark and Martha prepare for the funeral. In the mountains, Zod is busy preparing himself, mastering his new abilities. General Lane has gone to Metropolis to set up base, knowing that this is where he’s most likely to encounter Superman and perhaps the other aliens as well.

Martha, Clark and others from Smallville attend the funerals of Jonathan and others killed in the alien attack. When the funeral is over there is a small wake at the Kent farm. In Metropolis, Zod makes his appearance, flying into the city and announcing himself by picking off a few cars with his heat vision. Then he waits. The military is mobilized immediately and at the farm, Clark sees the broadcast of the events on TV. He springs into action immediately, making excuses before disappearing out the backdoor. He’s in the sky, speeding towards Metropolis.

A full scale military assault on Zod is taking place in Metropolis. From tanks to fighter jets, the streets of Metropolis have become a war zone. Lois is of course right in the middle of it. She spots a young photographer, barely out of school, who like her isn’t running away like the rest of the people. She asks who he’s working for and he says nobody. He just thinks he can get some cool shots. Lois offers him a job which he accepts on the spot. He introduces himself as Jimmy Olsen but Lois is too preoccupied to care. She drags Jimmy into the heart of the battlefield as the military fire countless rounds of activity at Zod who doesn’t even flinch and retaliates with devastating force.

Superman arrives on the scene to save the military personnel from annihilation and then confronts Zod. At the command center, General Lane gives orders to fire on both aliens. Zod and Superman have a brief conversation. Zod recognises him as Kal-El, who he once held in his arms as an infant. Superman knows very little about Zod but he knows enough to declare that the General destroyed Krypton, something Zod seems proud of. Their fight is epic. Kryptonian against Kryptonian on the streets and in the skies of Metropolis. While Superman has the experience with the powers, Zod has the advantage in combat training. They appear well matched. Even as they fight, the military continues to fire on both of them. Seeing this, Lois rushes to the command center, leaving Jimmy to get some great shots of the battle. Lois manages to get in to see her father, trying to convince him that Superman is on their side and to give him a chance to stop Zod. General Lane eventually relents and puts his faith in Superman.

The battle continues but Zod is now exploiting Superman’s clear witness, targeting civilians to distract him. Superman knows he has to get the battle away from the city and has to deal with Zod once and for all. So he flies into the air and blasts away from Metropolis with Zod in hot pursuit. They continue their fight as they fly west towards Kansas, back to Smallville, eventually reaching the Kent farm. Troops left behind at the crash site spot them flying by but the two are gone before anything can be done.

Superman gets to the farm first. The wake is over and it’s just Martha. Superman tells her to get away quickly. When Zod arrives there’s nobody in sight. He threatens to burn the whole place down and then uses his x-ray vision to scan the area. He spots Superman in the barn and rips the door off. Superman rushes to the small probe that brought him to Earth and activates the Phantom Zone generator. Realizing what Superman has in mind, Zod rushes him. It’s a battle of wills as the portal to the Phantom Zone opens, threatening to pull them both in. Zod seems to have the upper hand at first but Superman eventually overpowers him and throws him into the Phantom Zone. Exhausted, Superman rushes to the ship and turns off the generator. He then falls to his knees, unsure of what to do.

Time passes and Martha appears at the barn. Superman tells her it’s alright. That it’s over. Martha hugs her son and Clark tells her to stand back, that he’s going to destroy the ship. Martha though says that it’s the only thing he has with any kind of record of where he came from. So Superman decides to put it somewhere it will never be found, mentioning a place he found in the Arctic.

A few days later, General Lane sits in his office. He has some of the debris from the crashed ship on the table and he’s talking about it on the phone. He says there’s not much left. Bits of metal and some pieces of green rock fused into it. We see the person on the other end of the call asking for General Lane to send it over to him. It’s none other than Lex Luthor, sitting in his office over looking Metropolis.

Metropolis is slowly getting back on its feet. The clean up of the battlezone has started. Clark arrives and is immediately confronted by Jimmy Olsen who introduces himself enthusiastically as a new staff photographer. Perry offers his condolences for the death of his father and Lois asks if he’s OK. He replies in the affirmative and is ready to get to work. He then asks if there’s been any word from Superman. Lois replies that it seems both Superman and Zod have just disappeared. The military is still on high alert but it seems the public have taken to Superman as their hero and protector. Lois just wishes he would show himself. Frustrated, she decides to go up onto the roof to get some air.

Lois stands on the rooftop, looking across Metropolis. She turns and is startled to see

Superman hovering in front of her. He tells her that Zod is back where he belongs and hands her a letter, addressed to the people of Metropolis and the world, informing her that he wants people to trust him and the letter will explain everything they need to know about him. He prepares to fly off and Lois calls him Kal-El, having heard it during the battle. Superman smiles and says she can call him Superman. It seems to have caught on. He then points out that he does have a big red S on his chest after all, echoing Lois’ words to Clark, which makes her think for a moment. She asks what the symbol actually means and he tells her that it means hope. Lois can’t help but smile and she watches as Superman flies off. We follow him over Metropolis as the people below watch in wonder. He picks up the sound of someone in trouble, turns in the air and flies to where he’s needed. Credits.“