Monday, June 27, 2011

JCVD 1993

Hard Target.

The best JCVD movie there is. This was John Woo’s first American film and JCVD helped bring him here. Afterwards he made, Broken Arrow and Face/Off – both great films. After that, Hollywood got to him and he was pretty hit or miss – mostly miss.
Then he goes back to Hong Kong and makes Red Cliff the greatest movie ever!! Conincedence – I’ll leave that for a another post.

JCVD plays Chance Boudreaux, what kind of name is that? His momma took one! He is his usual kick ass self and he has to fight off Lance Hendriksen and Arnold Vosloo. The plot is about men who like to hunt other men for sport. They usually hunt homeless combat veterans – I guess there are enough around – and eventually JCVD gets tangled up in it and they have to hunt him, or is it the other way around?

This film has incredible action with John Woo being at the top of his game – coming off Hard Boiled – which is the best action film ever made – I am not being sarcastic here, the action is impossibly good in Hard Boiled. This time around the action is almost as good, but the American release cut about 20 mins – most of which was action. What makes this a bit unique is that JCVD gets to use his martial arts along with Woo’s fantastic gun play and with a bunch of great one-liners and some kick ass villains, filmed in New Orleans with a Mardi Gras backdrop you cannot go wrong on this flick. It is a winner from start to finish.



Nowhere to Run.

The first JCVD movie I saw in the theatre.

I mean what can you say on this one. JCVD is a convict who has escapes and finds that he is in need at Rosanna Arquette’s farm, which is being threatened by developers.

It’s a bit standard in plot, but JCVD is actually really good in this one, and actually does some more acting. It’s not so much about action, since there is very little, but it’s a bit of a love story coupled with some fights here and there.

It’s basically the opposite of Hard Target, but it was a good one!



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