Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Green.

Green Lantern.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Captain Marvel (aka Shazam), and even the Mighty Isis, have all had live action TV shows, or movies (or both) and it is finally time for Green Lantern to get his turn.

I was never a big fan of GL, not cause I didn’t like him, only cause I liked others more. I do own an Alan Scott (Golden age GL) statue – the first statue I ever got and he is in my bedroom as I type this review.

So I am no stranger to GL. When I first heard about this movie I was pumped. Finally a non-Batman/Superman DC character gets his shot at the big screen. Then I hear Ryan Reynolds was GL and was a bit unhappy. He is usually a goof, and I didn’t like the painted on style costume.

Then Ryan said that it will be a serious movie and showed 4 mins of footage that convinced me. The costume also made sense – the ring makes an energy field around you and that’s the costume. The GL Corps were also in the movie along with Sinestro (one of my fave DC villains) and they would be fighting Parallax.

I was on board big time. Finally a movie that went all out. For contrast see X-Men, who in 5 films battle Magneto, Striker and the Hellfire Club, all of which are very boring. Where are the Sentinels, or Apocalypse?

Anyway, this movie put it all on the line and it won.

Green Lantern is a perfect translation of the comic character – from what I know – and I think it’s one hell of good time.

Please go see this, as I fear that it may under perform at theatres, and that would hurt the chances of other characters not getting their due. Plus I am DYING for a sequel to this. Stay through the credits of course (standard for superhero movies) but you only have to stay half way if you really want to leave – the extra scene happens half way through the credits. It’s an obvious scene if you know anything about GL.

How does this compare with other DC Hero movies? Well I would say try this –
Watch Superman 1 and 2, then Tim Burtons 2 Batman films, then Green Lantern and you will have one hell of an exciting day!

Support this epic!

I saw it in 3D and it wasn’t too bad! I would still rather do 2D though, but if you are forced 3D it was much better than Thor.
And if you are looking for some negative points to be fair, then be prepared as there is still a lot of “on Earth” or “human” stuff going on. It’s not all on Planet Oa. Hal has a lot to deal with and it’s actually pretty interesting – more so than Thor. So even the human parts were good! Ryan Reynolds was perfect in the role and he wasn’t an ass at all! Some where saying he’s an ass then turns good – NOT AT ALL. He was a good person from the beginning and he is only lacking willpower. He is great at flying, but lacks that confidence in the rest of his life – and I really liked the conversation between Hector Hammond and Hal towards the end of the film, where they talk about who is better than the other.

I would have liked a bit more on Oa, but you get enough for a first movie and GL is in costume a HELL OF LOT more than Iron Man was. This is much better than Iron Man also, in my opinion.

This is a MUST SEE and MUST BUY IN BLU-RAY. Will be in the top 5 of the year easy – maybe number one.


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