Thursday, June 16, 2011

JCVD 1986 – 1988 – THE EARLY DAYS.

No Retreat, No Surrender.

His first major role as villain. JCVD is the best thing about this crappy movie. He is so bad ass – he plays Ivan the Russian Butcher and he destroys people.

The plot is really bad – some guy moves into a new neighborhood after JCVD breaks his fathers legs for not joining some karate gym – lame. When he gets there he gets bullied because he is a “Bruce Lee Freak” – dialogue “Oh no, not another Bruce Lee freak – that’s just what this town needs.” – WHO HAS EVER SAID THAT???

Also, who doesn’t like Bruce Lee? Is it odd to look up to him? I mean its not like “Oh no, not another heavy metal punker who will play loud music and disrupt the neighbors.” That would make some sense, but a Bruce Lee freak? Anyway, the rest of the movie is Karate Kid except for the fact that instead of Mr. Miyagi training him, it’s the SPIRIT OF BRUCE LEE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA some actor – not even a look a like – plays Bruce Lee and comes back from the dead to train this kid! Bad movie.

JCVD ends up fighting this guy in the end and in the real world he would destroy this punk, but of course JCVD loses cause he’s the bad guy.

JCVD was the only good thing about this movie – but I love it – its cheesy as hell and its fun for how bad it is.

2/5 as a movie.
4/5 for the cheese.

3/5 for final.


Black Eagle.

JCVD a villain again – but he turns good. This movie is really a Sho Kosugi movie – he is a certified Ninja – yup you read that correctly.

Anyway, this is typical Sho movie – not as good as Revenge of the Ninja (that movie is a masterpiece though) but fun anyway. The addition of JCVD makes it better than it would have been – btw – the is the first appearance of the JCVD’s world famous super splits!




The big one. JCVD is the hero finally and the star. This was his breakout role and for good reason.

This movie is a classic fight flick and everyone loves it.

Thin on story, but heavy on action and who can deny JCVD’s greatness in it! Plus Bolo is finally given his due as the ultimate tournament villain!

Long live this classic.

PS – it says its based on the true story of Frank Dux (who JCVD befriended – then had a falling out with later) – well Frank Dux is a bit shady – and this whole movie may be a lie as the Kumite cannot be proven to have happened – and if it did happen Frank was probably not there as he was in the military during the supposed time.

Whatever, the movie rocks.



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  1. No Retreat, No only showed me the last fight, but not the rest of the movie....probably for good reason. :)

    Black Eagle...didn't see that either. And there's no evidence that Kosugi is actually a ninja. He plays them well, though. The only movie I saw with him was Ninja III: The Domination...that that one was bad.

    I actually enjoy Kickboxer over Bloodsport. However, great quotes and gestures come from Bloodsport. To this day, I'm still trying to figure out how to make that grip noise Chong Li made with the bandana.