Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 80s are on Top.

Top Gun.

Highway to the Danger Zone and Take my Breath Away are both played 3 different times during this movie! I said – get a new song here boys!

But man you gotta love this 80’s flick. It may be the ultimate 80s flick! And yes Virginia, I never saw it till yesterday!

The Good:

80s – love it.
Val Kilmer – Iceman – the best character – the best of the best!
Val Kilmer’s Hair – should’ve won an Oscar for sure!
Cinematography – Tony Scott does it again! Great Great visuals – the setting and scenery are just amazing!
Planes – real planes, with real pilots doing real stunts – no cgi here boys and girls.
Volleyball – what’s with that homophobic/shirtless volleyball match? – maybe they should’ve had a chesthair match?

The Bad:

The main girl – not very attractive at all – and kind of no reason.
Enemy – there wasn’t really a conflict – I know there was a mental conflict, but this is about fighter pilots – I want action – we did get a dogfight at the end that was cool with an unknown enemy *cough-russians-cough*.

All in all this was a really fast moving fun movie with great scenery and some really cool flying!



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