Monday, June 13, 2011

An A for M.


Fritz Lang’s first movie with sound is a chilling tale of a child killer and how he comes to justice.

With a series of child killings the cops have started to crack down on ALL criminals – including the mob. The mob is getting pissed off and decides to start their own investigation into the murders.

Meanwhile the killer, played by Peter Lorre in an outstanding performance, is targeting a local girl, but unknown to him, is the fact that he has been marked with a letter “M” (for Murderer no doubt) and the mafia is on to him.

This flick is full of suspense. We don’t know if Lorre will be caught by the Police or the Mob and what will happen to him if/when he is caught by either group.

This is pretty much a must own for all serious film fans and it’s considered a classic.



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