Saturday, July 2, 2011

The New 52

DC Entertainment is announcing its new 52 books starting in late August early September. 52 of their titles will be re-launched starting as issue 1.

Full list here.

What do I think about all this?

Well I am not sure. The good thing is that a lot of comics are coming back, Swamp Thing (my second favourite DC character – after Superman) and Resurrection Man is also returning (always loved him).

Also, Jonah Hex may be cancelled and replaced with All-Star Western – which could be good or bad, if the book is all Hex, then it’s good, if it’s just random guys – that could be good too, but Hex is my man of the old west, so I would prefer just him. But in all honesty I wouldn’t mind this title being an anthology – it would save me some money in the end.

The bad news is that Action Comics and Detective Comics is also restarting. They were so close to their 1000th issue, that I thought it would’ve been cool to restart after that, but in any case, it is what it is.

Action will be written by Grant Morrison – who wrote All-Star Superman – which I just love! And this restart is actually cool for me because I can jump on board with Action number 1. I have been collecting Superman and Action on and off my whole life and I have been off mostly due to having to collect several books.

If you collect Action, then a lot of the stories continue in Superman etc. So you have to collect multiple comics to keep in touch. Batman is EVEN WORSE! So hopefully this wont be the case here, but I will be getting these issues for sure.

Another bad point is they are changing the costumes. Aquaman and Green Lantern and Flash are going to appear like their Silver Age look – which they didn’t really stray too much from anyway, but Superman and Wonder Woman are getting revamped a bit. Both Superman and Batman will have no underwear over their tights. I actually don’t like that – it looks odd to me, but I can live with it I guess – but I don’t much see the point in changing an icon like Superman at all.

Wonder Woman looks the most different and I don’t get that at all. Her costume was supposed to be an homage to America – where she first served humanity, but alas, they are opting for a more modern (aka crappier) look.

In any case, DC has restarted stuff before, all the post-Crisis stuff, so it’s nothing new, but we’ll see how it goes.

I am definitely pumped for Swamp Thing and Resurrection Man!


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