Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My name is Jason Bored.

The Bourne Supremacy.

The Bourne Identity established that Jason Bourne was a former assassin that lost his memory and was assumed to have gone renegade – his former employers sent other assassins to kill him but they failed and ultimately Jason wanted out and the movie ended with him and his love living happily ever after.

But we knew this wasn’t the end – in the books – which are vastly different the then movies – Bourne had other crap to do and there is still another book (3 books), and counting, that involve him and his organization. This, the second movie, involves nothing.

Jason just calls people on his cell phone, drives cars and walks around. That’s the Bourne Supremacy.

As to the story, something about the Russian mafia and one of the government guys tries to frame Bourne for a murder – HELLO – you yourself know that Bourne is the best and he will come after you. But that’s ok, the guy sends Karl Urban (who is cool) to kill Bourne. HELLO – if all the best guys couldn’t kill him in part one, why can now ONE guy kill him in part 2.


Not to mention the action sucks and you cant see half of it due to shaky cam.

Way to ruin a series!



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  1. YES!

    My other movie friends try to defend this movie...it's TERRIBLE. I feel that this movie only features Bourne, but it's not at all about him.

    The series makes up for itself in Ultimatum, though. Good closure for a trilogy, even though they COULD make more from it. I hope they don't, especially if they're so deviated from the novels.

    I only know this series from the movie's perspective; I don't read leisurely, so I don't read the Bourne series. However, I do know that the series is no longer being written by the first author, Robert Ludlum. It's been since taken over by Eric Van Lustbader....from what I've read (gasp!) a couple of excerpts of his work, is a dirty old writer. :) There are 10 novels so far....