Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dump the passenger.

Drive Angry.

Nic Cage has broken out of Hell’s Prison to rescue his grand daughter from a Satanic cult. He drives a Dodge Charger (my fave car – dukes of hazzard baby!) and just annihilates everyone and everything in this path.

This movie has sex and violence, and tons of gore – its basically a grindhouse movie and I loved it! Satan’s Accountant is the best character and his one-liners are just fantastic.

So there you go, a fast paced, grindhouse style, gore movie with kick ass characters and some really piece of crap villains you cant wait to see get killed.

So that about sums up this 5 star movie – oh wait…

Amber Heard is in this movie too – well she’s hot, so I guess that adds even more – oh wait a second – she is the worst character I have ever seen in any movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They try to make her this tough chick – she spits and punches guys in the face and talks crap and swears – oh is that a tough chick? I thought Ripley and Sarah Connor where tough. You know, strong woman who held their ground when being pushed around by men, and women who did what needed to be done to save people and protect children – those were strong WOMEN, not potty mouthed obnoxious trailer trash girls with tight jean shorts.

What a stupid waste of space character that kept ruining every scene she was in – she turned ok in the end, but it was way too late.

Too bad, cause this was 5 stars till she showed up.



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