Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Well now that Monster Movie Mondays are done (see Gamera the Brave review below) I need a new series to review and I have chosen to look at the films of Jean Claude Van Damme. JCVD is my favorite action star and I have tried to rip off all his moves in all the movies we have made – yes I may be slightly overweight now, just ever so slightly ;) but there was a time when I was able to do some pretty cool moves and we made some great fight flicks and JCVD was my hero!

I currently own every movie that he has made (where he is the star – not where he has a cameo etc) and I am well prepared to discuss his body of work. Now I haven’t seen all his movies, even though I own them, so every week I will review a new JCVD movie. To start with though I will probably review a few at a time.

So stay tuned for some Van Dammage.


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  1. The movie called the studio logo intro and the ending!

    Remember when we had the idea to do a "Hard Target" parody called "Fat Chance?" Chance was supposed to be overweight....why don't you do that? Ha ha!