Tuesday, June 21, 2011

JCVD 1989 – 1990


In this one, JCVD gets people out of the city. They only say that line like 20 times in the movie. It’s hard to imagine this came after Bloodsport, and when I first saw it, I wasn’t a fan. But that was when I was a fool! This movie is GREAT! The villain in it, loves misery (his own words), and is very bad ass – he has these white eyes (think Incredible Hulk – from the show, when Bill Bixby would get his white eyes) and he crucifies JCVD!

The story takes place in the future and the world is all destroyed – yes it’s a Mad Max rip off, but whatever, JCVD is cool and that’s enough to get by!




Basically Bloodsport but with Muay Thai. The Americans call it kick-boxing, but when JCVD’s brother heads to Thailand to compete, he gets destroyed by Tong Po – the bad ass mofo of Muay Thai. Only JCVD can take him on, and he does in one wicked a final fight.

This movie is a bit of a let down cause there is really only one big fight in it, but JCVD performs well in it and Tong Po is a formidable villain. After Tong Po defeats and cripples JCVD’s brother, he simply laughs and then JCVD has to train up and TCB (take care o business). Of course Tong Po decides to rape JCVD’s GF and that gets JCVD really pumped to fight.

Cool idea – the final fight is done in traditional Thai style – the fighters dip their roped hands in glue and broken glass to make each hit really count!

If you never saw it, check it out!



Death Warrant.

JCVD has to go undercover in a prison and has to kick ass at the same time. Patrick Kilpatrick is the villain here (named the Sandman) and he is pretty sick!

I liked this one – a lot. It was a fun prison movie, on par with Lock-Up and it fit in nicely as a prison genre movie.

Nothing much more to say other than the guy gets kicked into a pole at the end!!!!!




A Bloodsport type of movie but this time JCVD is fighting in underground tournaments run by some rich ass-wipes. This movie is one of the top ones for me. The trainer in it is the best trainer ever! He is a former fighter and knows that JCVD – named Leon (aka the Lion – later changed to Lionheart by the femme fatale in the film) is a good fighter and could make it far.

Lionheart has a big heart though and only wants to help his sister in law, now that her hubby died. He is a good guy in this one and the fights are really cool.

He fights several different style fighters and in cool arenas – a parking lot where a circle of cars makes the ring, a swimming pool fight, a racket ball arena etc.

The end villain in this was my inspiration for my famous character Mr. Raymond – that’s from my movie making days!

Love Lionheart – oh and look out for a cameo by Billy Blanks!!!!!!!

FYI – the movie was supposed to be called Wrong Bet – hence JCVD saying that line in the film in end, but they changed it to Lionheart – more fitting I guess.



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  1. Hmm....I wouldn't say Cyborg is like Mad Max. It's post-apocalyptic, but I don't think Cyborg's setting was caused by an oil crisis. The Mad Max universe is a brilliant concept. Cyborg, not so much.

    Kickboxer...I was totally blown away that Tong Po was never Thai to begin with. He is instead JCVD's childhood friend and often a supporting actor to JCVD, Michel Qissi. You gotta confirm for me; check the end credits for this movie. I could swear it credits Tong Po as "Himself." My life is a lie!!

    Never really saw Death Warrant, but I did see how Sandman died. Pretty darn brutal.

    Lionheart...Yeah, Léon's trainer is as useful as Ed from TKO. Ha ha ha! I remember thinking of an extended cut of TKO, revealing why Ed "didn't wanna come" to the last fight. It turned out that Ed was only in it for the money and didn't care about John Martin, and John didn't like that, so he fired Ed by kicking his ass. I don't remember if Ed was supposed to feel sorry or not, but that was how I wanted to play it out. By the way, Michel Qissi was in this movie as one of the guys in the suit, trying to bring Leon back from being AWOL. Attila is Michel's older brother, Abdel. There's a third Qissi, but I don't think I ever saw him.