Thursday, June 23, 2011

JCVD 1991

Double Impact.

Second best JCVD movie. Why, well there are 2 of him!

Chad and Alex are separated when they are infants, one grows up on the streets of Hong Kong and the other lives the glamorous life in LA. Chad becomes a karate instructor and Alex becomes a smuggler. Both are great, but Alex has to be the second best JCVD character of all time (after Chance, form Hard Target of course).

Alex talk:

“Take your fancy clothes and your black silk underwear and go back to Disney land.”
“You fucked up!”
“Don’t even think about it pal, don’t even think about it.”

Plus Alex head-butts the screen at one point!!!!!!!!!

This is a kick ass action movie from start to finish and even Bolo gets a turn to fight JCVD (he last fought him in Bloodsport!).

This is just the perfect JCVD movie of all time. It may be his best, it’s just that John Woo is such a great director that Hard Target has the top spot.

This is also the first of the dual-JCVD films – yes JCVD plays dual roles in other movies too! (More on that later).

Feel the impact and buy this movie!!!!!!!!!



Universal Soldier.

This is one of the best JCVD best movies and Roland Emerich’s best film next to Stargate. This time around JCVD is joined by Dolph Lundgren. DL is the best ever! He played He-Man and Punisher – two of my favorite characters and favorite movies.

Anything DL is in is gold. I am currently collecting all his films – even more than JCVD!

Anyway, the story is good here too, JCVD and DL were in Vietnam and because of some differences they end up killing each other. The difference being that DL is a psycho!
So the credits for each character come up while they are being zipped up in a body bag – BRILLIANT!!!

From that point on, we flash-forward to present day where they have been reanimated by the UNISOL program which uses dead soldiers in combat situations.
They don’t have any memory, but when DL starts to recall his past, he turns back to his psychotic ways – good thing JCVD also remembers and is able to fight him.

This movie has some great action sequences and because they are mostly impervious we have some really wicked fights too!

Big fight moment is at the end when DL takes on considerable damage from JCVD – this is after DL beat the crap outta him earlier and then finally JCVD is able to make a come back after taking in liquid nitrogen – JCVD starts to do super kicks to DL and after all that, DL simply looks at him and says “Now that’s the spirit soldier!”



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