Thursday, November 24, 2011

You live once, you die once, you love once, but…

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

I am now convinced that the only love stories I like are made by Bollywood. The last 5 or 6 that I have seen have been amazing.

I have been moved to tears by most of them and this one is no exception. Let it not be said that I don’t admire a romance film. Often people say to me how I am “a guy” and don’t get these stupid love stories like Twilight, or some other lame film.

Bollywood doesn’t just push buttons, they tell stories; stories from the heart, stories that matter. Most Hollywood stuff just exists to make you feel as though love doesn’t need to be worked on. You just see someone and love them. Or they use bottom of the barrel scenarios to FORCE a reaction out of you, instead of letting the characters grow on you like people that you will come to love.

The film here is simple, or so it would seem. Anjali and Rahul are best friends. Anjali is a tomboy though, she is pretty enough, but doesn’t care about dating or trying to look pretty. Rahul (played by Shahrukh Khan – SRK for short) doesn’t see she loves him, but he falls for Tina – the hot new girl in school - and instead of Tina and Anjali fighting for him, Anjali sees that SRK loves Tina so she backs down and leaves.

Tina and SRK get married and have a kid. Tina, knowing how much SRK and Anjali meant to each other (as friends) decides to name her child Anjali as a sign of respect. Tina knew that Anjali loved SRK and her sacrifice would live on in the form of their daughter.

The problem is that Tina had complications at birth and ends up dying shortly after the baby is born. Tina had actually known in advance that her birth would be a tough one and she had wanted the baby to live so she sacrificed herself for the child.

The one thing Tina leaves behind is a series of 8 letters addressed to her daughter to be given to her on each birthday. On Anjali’s 8th birthday she gets a long letter than explains where her name comes from and how the original Anjali gave up her love for SRK so that Tina could have him. But now that Tina is gone she knows that SRK will never be happy and he deserves to be. Her final letter states that her daughter must reunite SRK and Anjali so that SRK and Anjali will be happy. But …

I will leave the “But” for you to find out if you ever decide to see the movie.

I can tell you that you will not be disappointed. And maybe you will even be moved to tears.



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