Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yes to No: Part 2

Dr. No.

If you remember, I was never a Bond fan. Before a year ago, I had only seen the two Timothy Dalton films, and a couple of the Pierce Brosnan ones. But I liked the ones I saw.

I thought Dalton was just great – very serious and kick ass. Apparently those were not qualities that made him the best, in fact, people didn’t like him that much when compared to Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Funny thing is that now those same qualities are what people LIKE about Daniel Craig. Funny how things change – I now want all those guys to send me apology letters for saying I suck for liking the serious Dalton, when now everyone likes the Serious Craig (even though I don’t – but for different reasons).

Anyway, I am getting off topic, after seeing Dr No, I realized that Connery was amazing and could very well be the best of the Bonds, and Dr No was just amazing. At the time of the review I gave it a 4/5, but since that time, I have been really thinking back on it and I have to say that it’s a 5/5 for sure. It’s a great film and Connery was just great as Bond.

So basically I ended up getting all the Bonds on blu-ray (at least the 14 that are on blu-ray) and have been watching them in order, starting with the Connery ones. Now I don’t have all the Connery’s on blu-ray but I have the first 4 and the last one. So I will get to them once I officially say that Dr. No. is a:



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