Monday, November 28, 2011

Gold is the magic word.

The Man With the Golden Gun.

So basically if a Bond film has “gold” in the title, it will be great. Goldfinger and Goldeneye were both great, with Goldfinger being the best Bond so far, and this one just falls in line with those others.

This movie rocked the house! Christopher Lee as the villain is sick! He is an assassin, and you know he will eventually meet Bond in a duel to the death! Plus his gun is cool, it’s made up of a pen, lighter and cigarette holder, so he can assemble it quickly!

I also have to say that the story here was great too! It was the easiest Bond film to follow. There was lots of cool no reason stuff too, like the secret base located on a half turned over ship! That had to be the coolest base of operations ever! All the rooms are tilted!

Plus the scenery was just amazing! Bangkok was awesome and the islands were great too! The Bond girls here were good looking, best since Thunderball, and they actually had something to do in the plot besides look good.

The only real negative is that stupid sheriff, but he is a very small role, and the fact that I wanted the Scaramanga (Chris Lee) vs Bond fight to be a bit longer, but it was still wicked!

So basically this is a must own Bond flick, one of the best!



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