Sunday, November 13, 2011

Romero High.

Highschool of the Dead.

So we have the Japanese take on zombies. This is what Anime was meant for! Good story, cool characters, tons of gore and violence, swearing and nudity all rolled up into 12 episodes of mayhem!
Now I will say that towards the end of the series (or season if you will) things did get a bit weird, when you have 12 mins devoted to a girls bath scene – you start to kind of wonder what this has to do with zombies and surviving the apocalypse, but in the end this is a great series to add to your growing Anime collection.
I realize that not too many people who read this blog collect Anime, but maybe they should! And if you want to start, this is a good one to start with!
Save Akira for when you get more advanced!



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