Thursday, November 24, 2011

Always say Never.

Never Say Never Again.

The film is not part of the Bond series. It is a remake of Thunderball. I got to see those two movies back to back, so I can really see the similarities.

This film wasn’t a MGM release. It was made after some time had passed and Sean Connery plays a slightly older Bond here.
One of the problems with this movie is the fact that the music is missing. The theme of Bond was owned by MGM and so his iconic theme music is missing – that’s a big hit for the film. Bond’s music is great and it’s a pity it’s missing here.

Also, it suffers the same negative point of Thunderball – which is that Spectre is the villain again it’s the same plot structure.

Also missing is the elaborate opening credits that made the Bond films different than most action films of that time, or since.

Overall, it’s a cool movie. There are some really great action pieces and Bond isn’t bullshitting around in this movie, he is brutal at times!

I have nothing against this film, and I thought it was pretty good, but for some reason I just cant behind it too much. Thunderball was really good and this is too, but Thunderball came first, had the hotter girls, and had the music and credits I like. It’s like no one is ever going to watch this, if they own Thunderball.

But it’s still a good movie if you just watch it on it’s own terms.



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