Thursday, November 24, 2011

To write or not to write.


Did Shakespeare write his plays? I thought he did, but some don’t. This movie was made by the people who say he didn’t (or it was made by people who are using that angle to tell a story).

Whether or not you believe he wrote them or didn’t, or whether you even like Shakespeare or not, doesn’t matter, cause this movie was amazing!

The importance is writing. Telling stories, moving people. Getting a reaction. Most of you who read this blog know that I am a writer – having purchased issues of my magazine and all that. And you know that I believe stories and art help shape our world.

Science fact usually starts as science fiction and without these writers, we wouldn’t be where we are today as the human race (granted, we should be further, but alas money, war and racism are the killers of advancement), so I think writing is important. And this movie really shows you the power of the written word.

I wont get into the plot because its pretty complex. Don’t go see this if you think its gonna be all fun and games. You have to pay SUPER attention or you will be lost. 3 people left during the film – they were young people, little less than my age and they couldn’t follow it so they bailed.

Well it’s easy to follow if you pay attention – something today’s audiences don’t think they need to do; they’d rather have 2 hours of exposition.

Well if you want to see a serious and powerful film that deals with not only Shakespeare, but Queen Elizabeth (who is always a fascinating character) then go see this.

Interesting to note that this was made by Roland Emmerich – who made Stargate (love it), Universal Solider (love it), Godzilla (hate it), Day after Tomorrow (meh), 2012 (didn’t see it, don’t care) – so basically this guy is a hit or miss director.

Well this is a hit!



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