Wednesday, November 16, 2011

By the Gods!


So when you go to see this, which you should, you will be reminded of 300 – that is one of my favorite films of all time, and this is just as exciting.

It’s not as good, but it doesn’t have to be. This is a visual masterpiece and it’s just amazing. The story is cool too and it’s nice to see other Greek heroes besides Hercules (Heracles – the Greek way) take their place in movie history.

So this one is about Theseus who has to find the Epirus Bow – which is a cool weapon, and must defeat the evil King Hyperion. The king is very evil and Mickey Rourke plays him a bit over the top, but hey it’s a villain, what do you expect.

There was also a lot more drama in this than I thought and I liked the story and how it was told. Sure it’s simple, but most Greek stories are – but they are rich in plot and details. I like how Theseus finds the bow, I like the oracle (play by Freida Pinto – her career is doing well, both this and Rise of the Apes were hits) and I liked that Stephen Dorff had a good roll too and I loved the visuals.

Ok, now on to the big stuff. The Gods and the Titans.

Ok, these bloody guys are the BEST F-ING THING EVER! They fight in slow-motion and the Titans are so sick! And the Gods too – all in gold, looked amazing. And the fights they had with each other were the best thing in the movie. The finale was a BLOODY (emphasis on BLOODY) amazing spectacle. Best finale of the year, and I cannot wait to get this on Bluray.

I saw it in 3D – the 3D sucked as usual, but man the battles made up for it large. I have never seen such destruction of people!

That being said, this movie is VIOLENT. Blood, guts and a bit of torture and you have one hell of a violent Greek Myth. There was also brief nudity.

On the nudity issue – is it me or are movies so tame now that a bit of nudity makes people chuckle. Freida Pinto showed her behind – that’s it, and there were giggles. Gawd people, go watch an 80s movie where nudity was standard in these types of exploitation films. And the sword and sandal genre (which is what this is) was full of nudity all the time man! Get over it.

Go see this movie!



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