Monday, November 28, 2011

Bond lives and lets die.

Live and Let Die.

Ok so I own every Bond film on bluray – scratch that, I mean I own every Bond film AVAILABLE on bluray.

For some stupid reason they decided to release the Bonds in no order, so I am missing 2 Sean Connery Bonds, and the next one in line to be watched is Live and Let Die – which is the first Roger Moore Bond. So instead of tracking down the last 2 Connery’s I decided to hit the Roger Moore series.

Roger Moore – LOVE HIM! He is a worthy successor to Connery. He is just great in this role, and fits perfectly with the film they were trying to make here. That being said I feel that Connery is better – Moore is suave for sure, maybe even more so than Connery, However, he isn’t as believable when he is pissed off.

See Connery played Bond the best in all forms. He was believable when he was pissed off, when he was suave, when he was sinister, or even sometimes cruel. Moore doesn’t have that, which is why people love Connery the best. But Moore certain delivers in the coolness department, and it works for this movie.

What doesn’t work is the overuse of this Sheriff character who appears in the last act and is supposed to be comic relief – well he is not, and in fact ruins the last part of the film. To my shock and horror the same character re-appears in The Man With The Golden Gun, but thankfully, only in a very minor capacity.

But the movie isn’t all bad, some really good bits near the beginning of the film, and I liked the villains, and their scheme was interesting. For those who don’t know, this is the Bond film that has Voodoo in it. Although voodoo isn’t used at all, and that’s kind of disappointing.

Jane Seymour is a looker for sure, but she doesn’t do much either, so it’s really up to Moore to carry it and he does.

One big plus is that the villain gets a super brutal death – best death of a Bond villain yet! But the movie could due to loose about 30 mins of slow-moving plot.

All in all, it’s not really one of the better Bonds, but Moore makes it pass.



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