Thursday, November 24, 2011



The fourth Bond was considered to be not as good as the others, where that’s about half true. It’s not better than Goldfinger or Dr. No, but it’s better, or at least equal to Russia, so I don’t know what people were talking about. This movie is pretty fun.

I can see the trend here to the more “fantastical” gadgets – like Bond’s jetpack for example. But this is a solid adventure and the only real problem is that Spectre is the villain again and we don’t get a good villain for Bond to fight. There are some great action pieces though, like the underwater battle at the end, and I have to say that this Bond film has to two best looking women of the series so far.

So what more do people want? This film is wicked and fun, and I also have to say that the marketing for this one was great.

All the posters are amazing and I can see the trend towards making Bond a bit more tough and heightening the level of action.

This was also the first 2.35 widescreen Bond and that really helped the scenery pop out at you.

This is a great film.



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