Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gold is right.


The best of the Connery Bonds that I have seen. This is one wicked movie. The villain, Goldfinger, is great, his henchman, Oddjob is fantastic and his goal is BRILLIANT! Of course Connery plays it well, he is totally secure in the role now, and is just playing it perfectly.

This movie just kicks ass in all sorts of ways. I think it was the first Bond to introduce the concept of a good girl and a bad girl. Everyone knows the famous Bond Girls, but this movie had 2 (after this one, they all had 2 – at least from what I saw) and it also features the concept of his Car having tons of gadgets. There were gadgets in the other films, but this one had the best! And the car is so sick too! Ill be getting a model of it for sure!

Also I think this is the first time that Bond says “Shaken not Stirred”. It wasn’t said in Russia, and it wasn’t in Thunderball (the next film in the series). So it’s cool to see where that came from!

Overall the story and characters and situations were just wicked in this. Even the slow scenes, like the golfing one, have a lot of cool stuff going on.

Goldfinger is one of the best of the series and ranks in the top best spy movies ever!



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