Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You didn’t think it would be but –

Monster Movie Monday’s are back!

I took a week off for some personal business, and besides I gave you a double dose of monster stuff last time, so its all good.

Today we start the Heisei series of Gamera. Beginning with Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

This flick did well and even Roger Ebert reviewed it! My thoughts on it are the same as the Heisei Godzillas. They all look pretty good but they are a bit hit or miss. See the classics (Showa) are fun and a bit cheesy, the Heisei’s are better for the effects, and are serious movies, but sometimes they become too serious and lose a bit of the fun aspect.

This movie is still wicked and I love ALL the Heisei Godzillas (well I love ALL Godzilla movies period – except the American one – that sucked the bag).

This is a reboot as all new era Kaiju films are, and Gamera is said to be from Atlantis and is the protector of Earth against Gyaos. They went with Gyaos in this one because he was more interesting that Barugon and most people feel that he is the main Gamera villain, and he flies so they can air battle. Also Barugon sometimes gets confused with Baragon – a Godzilla character, whatever, Gyaos it is!

This movie has a really wicked end battle sequence, and Gamera’s flying ability is done really well with the effects.

Gyaos, starts out small and there are a bunch of him, but Gamera kicks ass and then Gyaos becomes one big one after eating the other small ones – I think – it was very clear.

Once that finally happens we get some great stuff! Also Gamera’s fire breath is now a fireball! Which he can shoot multiple times!

All in all this was a good movie, but I kind of prefer the classic ones. In any case I have 2 more Heisei’s to go before I make the final call.



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