Monday, May 30, 2011

Be Brave.

The Brave One.

Very satisfying revenge drama with Jodie Foster as a sort of a Lady Death Wish. This is done in a very realistic way and I have to say it has one of the better endings to similar films of this genre (Death Sentence, Death Wish 1-5, Vigilante, Exterminator 1-2, Law Abiding Citizen, etc).

Jodie and her fiancĂ© are brutally beaten by a pack of thugs, she survives, he doesn’t. What follows is Jodie becoming a vigilante and taking care o business! (TCB-ing as I put it). And I love her style!

I am very pleased with the fact that they had a woman be the killer in this one, cause they don’t do that too much in the movies – sure there’s Baise Moi and stuff, but that’s not a very serious take on the subject and this is.

I was totally on her side the entire movie and I bloody hated the thugs that beat her up. I HATE BEATINGS – especially by a group of thugs. I am getting angry now!

Terrence Howard is the cop assigned to the case and Jodie and him end up being friends, so when he eventually finds out that she’s a vigilante, some interesting stuff happens.

All in all this was a great movie – very serious and well done. I like Jodie Foster (always have) and she played well in this – and as I said I was VERY VERY happy with the ending. Finally a movie with some guts.



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