Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The end of Showa!

Gamera: Super Monster.

I actually watched 2 Gamera's on Monday, so it was a double Monster Movie Monday!

The Showa era comes to an end with this movie. Basically this movie is just highlights of all the other films in the series. Gamera fights everyone, but its all reused footage from all the other movies. So depending on what you think of that, its either 5 stars or zero. I mean if you own all the other movies, then this is pointless, unless you want to show people highlights of all the movies, in which case, this would be the best of the bunch.

The story surrounding the old footage is new, and is about 3 super women aliens (complete with tights and capes – soon to be cubes). They are hiding on Earth and the evil aliens want to kill them. First they want to destroy Earth though by sending all the monsters that Gamera fought before to kill everyone.

So the last 40 mins is all old footage of the fights with a bookend final shot of the super woman aliens surviving and Gamera sacrificing himself to destroy the evil aliens.

An end of an era.

Next up, the Heisei Gamera series reboots the continuity and ups the effects budget!!



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