Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fight for your faith.

Black Death.

Sean Bean is one of my faves. Loved him in Lord of the Rings and Silent Hill. Never saw the remake of Hitcher, but I would consider it because he rocks.

Cant wait to see Game of Thrones too, but until then I see that, I have Black Death. I basically only got this cause he is in it and I like some of the art that was done – see above.

The movie looked good in the trailers and I was hoping to see it in theatres, but it didn’t come out anywhere here.

The movie looked like a Solomon Kane style – dark fantasy. The other dark fantasy that came out this year – Season of the Witch, was really cool and I guess Priest kind of falls in that category too. I like these types of films.

Black Death isn’t really like those though. It only has one action scene and the final battle is a psychological one instead of a physical one. But this film was really really good.

It takes place in the 1300’s when the black death killed almost half the English population. During this time a young monk/priest named Osmund, is considering leaving the priesthood because he has fallen in love with his childhood friend Averill. She is leaving to go back to her home village and she says that she will give Osmund one week to decide if he wants to leave the monastery. You see he has never left and he isn’t allowed to leave unless its for a higher purpose.

He prays for a sign and Sean Bean (Ulric) shows up. Ulric is on a mission from the church to find this village that has NOT been hit by the plague. Apparently these villagers are evil witches, and demons led by a Necromancer and Ulric must find and destroy him. He requires a guide and Osmund volunteers, giving him the chance to leave the monastery but still remain in God’s service.

Half the movie is finding the village, and half is at the village. When they get there, things really pick up and get weird.

I will not reveal what happens, but keep this in mind, there is no action except one very quick fight scene – this is a serious movie with something to say. The end involves a realistic mental battle.

This is the first movie in a long time that has characters that truly believe in God and the church without making them stupid, or trying to justify anything. They are who they are and the movie gives you a lot to think about.

See it.



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