Monday, May 2, 2011

Gamera Monday!

Gamera VS Zigra.

Monster Movie Monday’s Gamera continues with the second last Gamera film in the Showa Era.

This one is the worst of the series as nothing happens for 45 mins. Aliens attack again and let loose Zigra – a giant metal fish. He looks awesome! As a kid I loved him enough to even draw pictures of him (I still have the pics I drew of him from my first day at high school). But when he shows up, the fight is like 2 mins then he is gone again until the last 10 mins of the film when Zigra finally comes back to fight.

The budget must have been cut large, cause the battles in most Gamera movies, although are much shorter than in Godzilla, are still pretty good, but this fight was lame. Anyway, I still love it and it’s 5 stars – so take that.

I told you that all Giant Monster movies are 5/5 except Cloverfield.



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