Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ooooohhhh Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Randy Savage was a great wrestler in the 80s and one of the best of all time. In terms of ability and character, he was a force of nature in the WWF (now WWE). When Hogan and him formed the Mega-Powers it was just the best ever!

I actually remember that moment and the famous hand shake that took forever! Boy did they build up the momentum for that moment!

After that, the Mega-Powers exploded due to Elizabeth, and Savage was back to being a bad guy. He was one of the few wrestlers that really worked either way.

His character didn’t change much when he was bad or good (think Stone Cold) he was the Madness!!! He is best known for his Ricky the Dragon Steamboat match that is considered to be the best matched ever performed for a live audience and I although I personally don’t think it’s the best, it’s definitely in the top matches.

For those of you not in the know, Savage was Bone-saw in Spiderman – the wrestler that Spidey fought in the first Sam Raimi film.

It’s unfortunate that the only DVD compilation available (which I own) is a 3 disc set with Maria and some other douche talking about his career. All the other DVDS of this kind usually have the actual wrestler commenting on his career – but they couldn’t get Macho, so they used these 2 idiots – oh well. At least that set is better than nothing and now we will never get one with him, so I’ll have to live with it.

Macho Man was a great entertainer and will be missed by the fans of wrestling!


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