Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The end of the Heisei Era.

Monster Movie Mondays presents: Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.

This is the final Gamera film of the Heisei era. A good era if a bit on the dramatic side. The fights in the other 2 were good and the effects were wicked – only I felt some of the fun factor was left out. But they are still great films.

This third one is no different but it has a really interesting and unique creature – Iris, and it has one hell of a great final battle and it deals with issues never addressed before. Like one girl hates Gamera because he crushed her family’s house. I mean Gamera has to walk around too, and sometimes not everyone has evacuated, so they get killed or hurt. It was an interesting angle for the story.

Also note the use of CGI in this installment to help the monsters fly. No more wires here – they are flying around like Ultraman or something!

This was also the bloodiest one of the bunch and at one point a Gyaos has his eyeball hanging out! And Gamera is forced to cut off his own arm! And tons of humans get killed in the crossfire between Gamera and Gyaos (I forgot to mention that Gyaos is also in this, besides Iris.)

One flaw – this movie ends with a cliffhanger where 1000 Gyaos are flying towards the city and Gamera (now with one arm) is going to defend Earth one last time. But then no other movie was made after that!

The next film is Gamera the Brave – and to my knowledge it DOES NOT continue. Well maybe it does, Ill see next Monday for the FINAL MONSTER MOVIE MONDAY GAMERA FLICK!



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