Monday, May 23, 2011

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Gamera vs Legion!

The Heisei series continues with Gamera VS Legion. This is a direct sequel and is just as scientific as the last – that’s a good point, but it makes for less action. But when the action comes, it’s really good! This was better overall, than the first Heisei period Gamera, but I also watched this on Blu-ray (I have the other one on blu-ray too, but my tv was acting up, so I couldn’t watch it).

This movie was pretty fun and the monster was new this time. It was an alien insect that came to Earth to cause trouble. There are little ones and a big huge one – they are many, they are Legion.

Legion (the big one) is pretty damn cool man! He shoots lightening and has a lot of spider-like legs and can really take it to Gamera! The girl who can communicate with Gamera is back from part one and at the end of the film everyone realizes that Gamera is a good guy.

It took 2 movies, but we are there!

I say check it out!



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