Monday, May 9, 2011

Delivers on all levels.

The Postman.

Kevin Costner got hammered by critics for this Mad Max style movie that was based on a Sci-fi book of the same name.

Well those haters are all a bunch of fools! This was one great epic movie and loved everything about it.

Acting, message, theme, music and style.

This had the feel of an old Hollywood epic like Lawrence of Arabia (its not better than that though) but with a modern twist to it.

The world has gone through wars, and disease – not as bad as the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, but something similar. The USA has fallen and no one has anything left to believe in.

Costner’s character is a drifter that happens upon a postman’s uniform and letter bag. He uses this disguise to gain entry to a village and tells everyone that the government has started and has opened the lines of communication by rebuilding the postal service.

This causes great hope to townspeople and one man in particular, a youth looking for his place in the world, named Ford decides to join the service. Costner is forced to hold up to the lie and Ford takes it all very seriously and begins his own branch of the postal service.

I wont give away any more that than, but this is a must own for me. I am not sure why it was slammed by critics, as I thought it was excellent.

Great movie with great themes. It is long though, but not boring!



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