Friday, March 18, 2011

If you have to drive...

I did not see it in 3D, so don't ask me how the 3D is.

I did see it though and overall, it was pretty good. It was shot in the Grindhouse style and you can tell it was made to be a Grindhouse movie. There's shots of appendages being blown off, there's nudity, there's swearing, there's cars, it seems to be shot in a very "naturalistic" way, as far as the shots and what not, plus I read that's what they were going for.

As for the characters, Nic Cage is Nic Cage. Either you like him or you don't. I do and he turns in another solid performance here. I was surprised that he was actually a bad guy (as in he deserved to be in Hell), so none of that "he was really a good guy" sort of nonsense. Nic had a good part where he's having sex with this waitress fully-clothed and she asks him why he doesn't undress and he answers "I never disrobe before a gunfight". Just before a really big gunfight.

The Accountant was the best part of the movie, though.

Favourite line: Bad Guy: "I'm going to live forever". Accountant: "If forever you mean the next five seconds, then yes, you're going to live forever." This guy was just jokes, everything he did I thought was funny or neat. He just really seemed relaxed and those make for the best type of characters, as we all know.

As for Amber Heard, didn't care for her so much. She came across like trailer-park trash. I'm not even saying that's not what they were going for, but I buy the "hooker with a heart of gold" less and less these days. She just came across as this foul-mouthed bitch who will screw anyone for her own amusement or what she can get out of something. They redeem her at the end, but by then I'd checked out of the film.

There's not really much more to say. The story is standard (Cage is after the guys who mudered his daughter and kidnapped his grand-daughter), you can see the action so that's always a plus and there's some nice action pieces. Oh and for those of you who might be pumped up, Tom Atkins has a small role in the film!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

- Stephenstein

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