Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get a friend.

The Social Network.

I’m gonna review this based on a it being a movie. The fact that I don’t care about Facebook wont really factor in. I will take this for what it is.

Based on that I have to say it was a good movie. Not fantastic or anything, simply because I am more interested in drama films that deal with stronger issues than one millionaire screwing another etc. But this was a good watch and I liked the acting, and the feel of it.

I don’t remember any of the names in it, and I don’t care enough to look it up, but there’s the Zucker-something guy who made Facebook, the Twins – who are saying he stole their idea and Zuckers buddy Edwardo, oh and there’s the guy who made Napster too. So basically the movie takes place during 2 lawsuits. The twins are suing Zucker and so is Eddy. During these lawsuits we are getting flashbacks of how it all went down.

I actually don’t believe that zucker stole the idea. The concept the twins came up with is a Harvard social network for the students. Zucker just took the idea further. He needs money so he gets his buddy Edwardo to contribute. They launch facebook after 40 days or something and then the twins are all pissed off, but do nothing. Then it becomes big, thanks to help from the Napster guy (who has connections) and then the twins sue. But during that time, zucker and napster guy screw over eddy because of some reason or another – something about he froze the accounts for a day or he got into a club that zucker didnt – I understand it (but don’t agree with it) and it’s too long to explain. I didn’t much like them screwing over eddy cause he was there from day one. And that Zucker guy is just a loser who wanted friends and be popular so he created facebook. Too bad he was a total jerk throughout his life. But you know something – that made it entertaining!

Remember folks these guys go to HARVARD! They are RICH, the twins settled for 65 million dollars and they are on the Olympic team and their dad is super rich, and that edwardo who we all cried over was also rich and probably got even more money from it. So lets not all get our tissues and start crying over it. This is entertainment and that zucker guy being a dick was HILARIOUS! Every time he opened his mouth it was funny! I mean this is millionaires screwing each other – who cares! It’s not like zucker screwed over some poor guy who is now homeless because he stole his facebook idea!

The movie also works cause David Fincher (the director who made Alien3, Seven, Panic Room etc) knows how to make this story interesting. Lets face it, people screwing over others for ideas isn’t anything new at all, but Fincher’s direction keeps it interesting for the 2 hours you watch. The music is also really good (done by Oscar winner Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails).



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