Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only a Ninja can destroy a...


2009/2010 brought about 2 ninja movies – Ninja Assassin and Ninja. Assassin played in theatres so I saw it and reviewed it here. Ninja was straight to dvd and I finally got a chance to watch it.

This movie is very cheesy, like really stinking bad cheese. The evil Ninja uses poison to kill someone, but the good Ninja has a thousand year old Ninja sword that can bring life or death. So I thought he would use the magic sword to cure the poison – but no magic, there is a antidote in the handle of the sword. Okay – how did some guy from a 1000 years ago have the exact antidote needed? If all Ninja use the SAME poison, then why not just walk around with your own cure? Whatever, this is just one part of it. The lead is Scott Adkins – who I think is a real martial artist. I think that cause his acting is awful – actually he doesn’t do much so its hard to tell, BUT his fighting is GREAT!

The fights in this movie are bloody (bloody indeed) AMAZING! You can see all the fights and at times I was thinking that this guy and Michael Jai White should team up in a movie. Then I checked on IMDB and found that they already did! Scott is the villain from Undisputed 2 – that movie rocked! They should team up again!

The hits in this film were BRUTAL and I found myself screaming out BEATS on several occasions. This is a great movie to watch with your buddies and just have fun. I think that was their intent too. I mean the story is really cheese and super typical. Master is killed by former student and his American brother must take revenge and protect the sacred ninja weapons.

BTW there are only 2 ninja in the film and the villain is a hi-tech ninja – really cool! And the good guy is a classic ninja!

Really fun to watch and worth the 10 bucks I paid for it.



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