Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dont Stop.


Denzel Washington and Chris Pine star in this “true story” of a unmanned train on the loose. The way the train gets loose is pretty retarded. Some idiot gets out of the train after disconnecting the air brakes and putting it into gear. I mean if this guy is a constant screw up then why would they give him a train that has dangerous chemicals on it? Plus he is fat (played by the guy who played Randy on My Name is Earl) so when the train gets loose he cannot run fast enough to catch up! So the train is basically a bullet/missile racing down the tracks. If it falls over it will explode and everyone in the world will be blown to bits (ok, not everyone, just a small town).

Well you gotta call in Denzel to TCB and Chris Pine tags along for the ride. What I liked about this one was that Denzel didn’t get to the train for a bit. There was some nice character stuff in the beginning and I liked all the talk about how young guys come into companies and how loyal employees get forced out to make room for them. The young guy is Pine and Denzel is the veteran who is being forced to retire so that some young punk can take his place. But from Pine’s point of view, he is just taking a job that he needs. Whatever, it’s a small part of the movie, but I thought it was cool.

The action sequences are pretty amazing I must say. The train is just crazy and it’s believable enough to actually create some suspense. You know what’s gonna happen of course, but getting there is the fun.

Good popcorn movie.



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