Saturday, March 26, 2011

Be a sucker.


Zack Snyder has brought us some great films, 300 and Watchmen. Watchmen is my third favourite movie of all time and 300 is one of the best visual experiences I have ever had. I saw that film 3 times in the theatre and it still amazes me. His new film, Sucker Punch is fantastic action/fantasy that has a nice little message in it too. To describe this movie would be difficult only because there is so much greatness in it. I can tell you what’s not in it, that may help, there is no goofy love story, no sex, or kissing or even a love interest, no cheesy one-liners, and no unnecessary scenes. What it has is a lot fantasy, imagination, and whole lot of action!

Imagination today basically amounts to everyone hating the movie. What the hell happened to the days of the visual experience? I don’t mean to say that you can ignore plot and story – but sometimes stories don’t need to be complex. Take Raiders of the Lost Ark. Inidiana Jones has to find the Ark. That’s it. That’s the story. But the characters, situations, and action is what makes that film one of the best of all time, and what continues to excite audiences. 2001 is a very artistic film that has no narrative and it forces you to contemplate everything that happens, well Sucker Punch is somewhere in between those films.

Everyone has been hating on this film for no reason other than the fact that they cannot understand what is going on. Well, it’s very simple. It’s about a girl who is put into an insane asylum and needs to escape within 5 days or else she will be lobotomized. She does so by using her imagination to create a fantasy world where her and her friends are superheroes fighting Orcs, Zombies, steam-powered German soldiers, Stone Samurai and futuristic Robots. I know that what I said may sound confusing, but it’s not. How can all these fantastical elements be in one movie? Easy, SHE IS IMAGINING THEM! It’s in her MIND people, so anything can happen.

Every action scene is from one genre of film, so you are basically getting 5 mini films. What’s funny is that Zack has made each of those mini films, better, for the genre, then actual full length films that come out. The Samurai battle, for example, is better than any of the Hollywood ninja stuff that has come out. Fighting robots on a moving train while Saturn in the background is cooler than any other Science Fiction film that has come out in a long time. So basically, these scenes offer more in 5-10 mins that most feature length films do.

These action sequences are the best part of the movie, as expected, but there is a lot of drama and a good story. People are criticizing the story, but I actually liked it! There were also some surprising moments, which I wont reveal, but I found the drama to be quite good! The opening sequence is a silent 3-4 mins where we learn Babydoll’s family history and if you have seen Watchmen, and remember the opening credits (where we learn the history of the world with superheroes in it) then you will recall how great that sequence is, and this one is similar (not better though).

And Ladies – you are good to go too. He doesn’t sexualize these girls. Point – they are showgirls that perform for “clients” but they are never shown dancing at all, and even when Babydoll does her enchanting dance, we don’t see her dance, instead we fade to an action sequence. So the women out there shouldn’t be offended by the girls in this movie, because they are just really cool girls that kick ass.

This is the best film of the year EASY and I think it may stay that way unless Conan blows my mind. Zack is a visionary and has a great imagination, so lets support this guy and go see this thing. Oh and the message of the movie – you have the power to do whatever you want, you have the tools – your mind and your imagination – go use them.



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