Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Gamera Vs Barugon. Continuing my Monster Movie Mondays starring Gamera. So this is the second one in the series and its really well done! The story is actually really cool! This has to be in the top storylines of a monster movie! These guys go in search of an Opal that is worth 4 million bucks. One of the guys found it during the war and hid it in a cave. Twenty years later, he and his brother and 2 friends have to find the opal. Problem is, that he cannot walk – due to a war injury, so he must rely on his brother and his 2 buddies to find it. The opal is near a village of primitives that warn not to go into the caves, of course they do, they find the opal, and then get betrayed by one of the friends. The brother survives and teams up with the local hottie villager that explains that the opal was in fact an egg that will hatch and mutate into Barugon. From that point on, it’s the usual fair, BUT we get more of the story of the betrayer guy and the 2 brothers and the village girl. I liked the characters for once and also Barugon is pretty cool. One other cool thing, there wasn’t too much cutting away when the monster fight started. Usually in these movies they go back and forth between the humans and the monsters, but this one didn’t do it too much. 5/5 J-Man.

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