Friday, March 4, 2011

Exterminator Caine.

Harry Brown.

So Michael Caine is Harry Brown – a retired Marine who is sick of the crappy place where he lives. Youth gangs terrorize people and they even killed his best friend for no reason other than he was an old man.

These revenge/vigilante movies are always a favourite of mine and this one is really neat cause it has Michael Caine. Others of this genre include: Death Sentence, Exterminator 1&2, Vigilante, Taken, The Last House on the Left, Death Wish, Punisher, Brave One, Law Abiding Citizen and the list goes on, but the one constant is that this movie, like the rest, really made me hate the villains. The only trouble is that because this film is done in a more realistic style, the villains don’t get the punishment they deserve.

Sure they all die, but I wanna see them suffer! Something like The Last House on the Left style, or maybe Devil’s Rejects. Anyway this was still an effective movie that really got to me. Where is Rorschach when you need him?



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